Washington, DC

Thanks to David for sending: “On Maryland Ave NE. Seemed like both drivers were ok. Fire trucks showed up a minute after I took this.”

Update from Rachel: “As of 11:30, the cars are still here (and one still has its headlights on).

You can also see in these pics how the unassuming tree also got scorched!

Really thankful that no one was hurt!!”

Deb reported:

“Good morning from the 13th and Maryland Ave where a head on collision into a parked car at the corner creating a big car-b-q. Luckily only the cars were hurt but something has to change with the traffic safety in this town!

Just to clarify a car ran into a parked car with no one in it. I didn’t see it happen just ran outside when I heard someone yell “fire!” Driver is okay but the cars are effed. Could have been way worse.”


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