Washington, DC

Photo by k8 cumber

Thanks to Kate for sharing: “For those looking to get vaccinated, here is helpful info.”

DCgrl replies: “Can attest it is true! Per a neighbors suggestion I plugged in the Salisbury site as my top pick, got a text response in a few hours(no waiting on hold) and now have an appointment for Thursday morning offered with J&J!

Well worth the drive to the country!”

Vanessa writes: “I hitched a ride with close friends to go to a mass vaccination site in Salisbury, Maryland. It was very quiet, no line. If there are any DC residents who want the vaccine now and are willing to drive, I would try it! They are taking non-residents.”

Jeff writes: “I can vouch for this info, my wife and I went on Saturday and both got our first round of Pfizer. We’re both DC residents.”

Alisa writes: “DC residents should also try M&T Ravens stadium in Baltimore. Call to schedule an appointment. They just opened slots up for later in the week
M&T mass vax site’s direct number (410)779-9507”


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