Washington, DC

500 block of Shepherd Street, NW photo via DC Fire & EMS

Thanks to Samantha for passing on the GoFundMe:

“Help Renee Rise from the Ashes

Early this morning, March 3, 2021, Renee lost her Petworth home to fire. Fortunately, she was not injured, but her home and everything in it was destroyed and she has been indefinitely displaced. Please help contribute what you can to help Renee get back on her feet and recover from this terrible tragedy.

Neighbors were pulled from sleep in the early hours of March 3 as fire trucks converged on Renee’s house, where a fire had started in the bathroom. After two hours, and believing they had completely [quenched] the fire, DCFD left. Renee spent the night at her cousin’s and hoped that the damage would be repairable.

Tragically, the fire re-ignited, and firefighters returned around 5 am to find the house going up in flames. The damage from the extensive fire combined with the water used to put it out destroyed everything Renee owned. Friends brought clothing, and the Red Cross is providing temporary housing, but Renee’s life has been completely upended.

Renee has been a fixture on the block for over 30 years, and neighbors are keen to help her return.

Team Fundraiser: Shepherd Street Neighbors are organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Renee.”


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