Washington, DC

1602 U Street, NW. Photo by ken_1001

Yesterday we were asked to investigate the status of Local 16 after a reader saw that google had listed them as permanently closed and I begged them to Say it ain’t so. We waited to hear from the owners before losing all hope. And it’s a good thing because I just heard from the owner, Aman Ayoubi, who tells me they hope to reopen in June:

“As you know all bars and restaurants has some difficulties and uncertainties during the covid time. The google statement of we are permanently closed is not correct. The phone and website was not in operation due to failure of monthly payment. We are working to get everything online today. I will keep you posted if there will be any changes before June 2021.”

Thanks to all who kept their fingers crossed for good news. Good news indeed and stay tuned for an exact reopening date.


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