Washington, DC

Photo by Erin


Many, many rounds of cannon fire/booms reported to us this morning from all over D.C.

From a previous discussion revealed by old guard alum:

“The Old Guard’s Presidential Salute Battery conducts rehearsals (aka Blank-Fire Crew Drills) on Thursday [Ed. Note: since this post they’ve been on Tuesdays] mornings starting at 0700 in Arlington National Cemetery and on Ft. Myer. These drills are used to rehearse for upcoming ceremonies and certify new Soldiers on the ceremonial 105mm howitzer cannons. They do the drills before the cemetery opens for the day. The modified howitzers can only fire blank rounds; no projectiles.”

Another insider advises a good way to tell if it’s from Arlington: “An easy way to confirm is time and count, if they are 3 or 5 seconds apart in odd numbers between 11 and 21”


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