Washington, DC

Your Snow Sculptures!

Thanks to Michele Banks for sending from Georgetown.

So many more great ones:

Thanks to Enzo for sending: “featuring Chromatica Oreos in Logan Circle!”

Thanks to Emily (and everyone else) for sending from Meridian Hill/Malolm X Park.

Melanie Hudson sends from New Jersey Ave, NW.

Dr Ferzina Banaji sends from the Cathedral.

Thanks to Wesley for sending: “The snowman’s name is Ronald, he’s a retired newsman from the Midwest”

Thanks to Dimitriy for sending.

Thanks to Jason for sending from Eastern Market.

Thanks to mr.cho for sending from H Street, NE.

Thanks to Allison for sending from Garrison ES.

Thanks to Emily for sending.

Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream representing in Mount Pleasant!

Thanks to T for sending: “Full house crew made a Mermaid on the mall!”

Thanks to Britt for sending “this national guardsman building snowmen outside the Capitol”


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