Washington, DC

Update from One Medical: “We require patients to register for One Medical in order to create them a patient chart and easily communicate with our care team. Please register through the link provided by your local DPH.”

Emma asks: “I got an appointment at one of the One Medical locations and it’s making me register for One Medical? Does this seem right? anyone else having this problem?”

For those who got in through One Medical were you prompted for a 90 day free trial or other registration? Were there any fees involved?

Rick writes: “I booked a vaccine appointment through DC Health at Entertainment and Sports Arena operated by One Medical. I was required to sign up for a One Medical account

and upload a photo of my insurance card. Then One Medical requests I pay them a $199 membership fee to access my account for the vaccine. After I declined to pay, One Medical sends a message that says they cancelled my vaccine appointment. I have the appointment confirmation page and e-mail from the DC government, so now I’m wondering what I should do about the vaccination cancellation from One Medical. I hope no other residents are being led to pay a $199 fee for the vaccine from DC Health (the vaccine is no out-of-pocket cost by law).”


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