Snow Dogs Volume Three!

“Chuck of Adam’s Morgan looking regal this morning”

Thanks to all who sent in (and stay tuned for Volume four.) So many more snow pups (and a couple of cat)

“Teddy in SW DC loving the snow!!!”

“This is Joey Tribbiani the golden retriever of Cleveland Park.”

“This is Julep in North Michigan Park enjoying some snow zoomies!”

“Hank contemplating how he ended up here from South Carolina”

“Meet Rocco from Brookland. He enjoyed his first snow, especially when he figured out he could
eat it.”

“Tartufi exploring and enjoying the snow in Pleasant Plains (@tufiandyuzu).”

“Winston in Adams Morgan”

“This is Lane sporting a classic snow beard in Dupont.”

“6 month old Ovie the maltipoo loving the snow day!”

“Pauli (@pauliindc) of Brightwood Park is thrilled to finally have an excuse to wear her favorite boots.”

“Our Rosie not happy in the snow in petworth!”

“I hope you’re well and staying warm! I have a snow pup for you! This is Mooch, a three legged pup living in Navy Yard!”

“Bunter Beagle is bouncing for snowflakes in Shepherd Park.”

“Makulu in Friendship Heights loves the snow. Don’t let her Zulu name fool you she likes cold weather.”

“Leonardo says hi from Anacostia!!”

“This is Luka in Cleveland Park spotting a snowball coming at him.”

“Honey is practicing her camouflage technique! SW Waterfront”

“Tracker from Bloomingdale asking to go back inside”

“Tracker from Bloomingdale asking to go back inside”

“Cali in Vienna, VA”

“Poppy in NoMa! The snow is slowly growing on her.”

“Cody from Cleveland Park”

“This low rider loves the snow! Gus has been playing in the yard all morning in North Michigan Park.”

“Clara in Manor Park”

“Jaz from Petworth!”

“Cal on H St. NE!”

“Poncho isn’t a big fan of the snow but I needed to show off his boots”

“Rose in Eastern Market!”

“Mowgli and her snow beard in Park view!”

“Rosie in Shaw loves it! She’s two and this is her first real snow!”

“This is Riley! We live in Capitol Hill. This is his first snow day – he was hesitant at first but now loves running around and especially eating the snow!”

“Mula stuffing her cheeks with snow in NoMa.”

“My foster dog Shana”

“Dot in her snow boots!”

“Maggie in Brightwood Park LOVES the snow!”

“Champ in Columbia Heights. He’s a desert dog and isn’t quite sure what to make of the snow yet.”

“Toby barely tolerating his jacket, but loving the snow.”

“Shiloh enjoying the snow at his rooftop dog park in Navy Yard.”

“Penny at constitution gardens!”

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Sweet City Ride

Thanks to Terry for sending this boat I mean beaut!

District Cutlery is celebrating their 10th and 11th anniversaries this week (we forgot last year) and offering customers 25% off all sharpening services. Walk-in service at Union Market is welcome or you can make arrangements for mail-in service on their website. Typical turn-around is less than an hour (but sometimes the queue gets long).

DMV’s professional chefs and passionate home cooks have trusted the District Cutlery with their knives for over 10 years. You can see pictures of their work @districtcutlery Instagram. They also specialize in sharpening styling shears, scissors and smaller garden tools and axes.

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Girls in Gear is a Non-Profit that teaches girls age 5+ life skills through bike skills. We aim to get your girl to fall in love with herself, her friends, and her bike! Registration is open across the DMV for our eight-week program that starts the weekend of September 23rd. Programming runs for 90 minutes once a week on a weekend morning.

All abilities of riders – balance bikes, training wheels, two wheels, road-bike pros and everything in between – are welcome. We are non-competitive and focus on having fun no matter what your level of riding is. We pride ourselves in being a low-cost program and also have a no-questions-asked scholarship policy that includes bikes and helmets if needed.

DMV Sites Fall 2023:

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Storytelling Night: Immigrants Celebrating Independence and Individuality

Independence permeates every step of the immigrant journey. It may have motivated the move or could be a result of it, but regardless, self-discovery is inextricably tied to the experience.

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🎟 One Night Only! Exclusive Comedy Taping! 🎟

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