Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

My son and I were at the Stanton Park playground Saturday a little before noon. As always on the weekend, there were probably 5-6 families enjoying the sun and getting out of the house while following proper mask/distancing protocols. Unexpectedly, a man who appeared to be jogging on the west side of the park near the playground stopped and started bellowing insane MAGA propaganda:

the election was rigged, antifa, the Capitol attack was just the beginning, masks are for sheep, etc. He did so in an extremely menacing way; he definitely had a drill sergeant yell perfected.

Before I could call the cops or get a video he ran off as if he was just casually going back to his morning jog. One of the other parents said this isn’t the first time it has happened that the guy stops and yells at people on the playground.

Wouldn’t normally flag it, but given last week’s terrorist infiltration of our city and the attack on the Capitol it’s harder to dismiss as just crazy ranting. And because my son asked my wife and I why the angry man was yelling at him.”


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