Washington, DC

Photo from Atlixco’s grill by Lizzy

Last week Brady asked: “I’m on a personal quest to find the best breakfast burrito in DC. What are the must-haves?

The early responses:

Don Juans in Mt Pleasant has the best burrito in general, tell them to add eggs, and now you’ve got the best breakfast burrito.”

Atlixco’s grill photo by Lizzy

Atlixco’s grill. They’re at the SW waterfront farmer’s market on Saturdays and I’m sure they pop up other places around the city throughout the week. I get the #1 breakfast burrito every Saturday and then spend Sunday-Friday looking forward to my next one.”

Little Red Fox

El Piquin in Eastern Market. They have a stall open on the weekends”

The Coupe has a good one, but for reasons I can’t articulate (yet–I’m still working on it), it’s better some days than others”

burrito brothers on pennsylvania ave”

La Tejana

MeatsAndFoods hands down. Get yourself a chilito chaser to wash it down.”

Farmbird photo by Chandler

“You quite literally cannot beat Farmbird – best breakfast burrito ever.”

“I love the breakfast burritos from Anitas in northern Virginia.”

Tortilla Cafe in Eastern Market. Nicest people in the world, great breakfast burrito for only about $5″

Surfside. They have a couple locations but I go to the one in South Dupont.

The Mackinac is a great breakfast burrito.”

Present Company Public House!”

Brookland’s Finest. Only on Sundays.”

“Big fan of Big Bear Cafe‘s breakfast burrito”

Bandit Taco


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