“I have the sweetest neighbor here in Kingman Park that needs help”

Kristin passes on the GoFundMe:

“Hello Everyone, My name is Keturah i’m a 24 year old college student at FAMU. I am writing this fundraiser campaign for my mother and her furry bestfriend without her knowing. My mother is a proud, independent woman and would never ask for money, she has been working since the age of 13 and with Covid-19 this is the first time she has been unemployed in over 15 years, but through the grace of god she always figures it out but this time she needs help.

I alone cannot help her so I’m asking the public for the help. Baby Spyce is my mom’s companion since our dog Sugar Mama passed away at the age of 14. Baby Spyce helped my mother overcome a lot, losing Sugar was really hard on her, it took a toll on her mental and physical health as well as mine because I am so far away from her in distance. My mother suffered a stroke due to stress after Sugar passed and Spyce helped with her recovery and her overall mental health. Spyce is suffering from Pyometra (because she was never spayed or bred) and is currently dying. She was throughly vet checked in June (no health issues were reported) and had an appointment to get spayed after Covid-19 (most vets were only offering spay/neuter in emergency situations) About a day ago Spyce started vomiting and acting real lethargic, we took her to a local MD vet and they told us her cervix was completely closed and she had an infection in her kidneys, they need to operate as soon as possible. I am asking for $3,000 to help cover some of the surgery needed for Baby Spyce to live and other expenses such as fluids, x-rays and lab work. Nothing is too small and everything helps, whether it is a share or a donation.

Please help my mother save Baby Spyce, we cannot lose another part of the family so soon after our other loss. Spyce has just got a new lease on life, she is finally living the life she deserves after being rescued from and i’m sure my mother makes her happy. Please please help us. Thank you!”

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