Washington, DC

1800 block of 14th Street, NW

Thanks to all who messaged us as it was happening. Still unclear what actually caused the driver to crash though I did also get reports that arrests were made. Updates if MPD releases any reports.

DC Fire & EMS reported around 6pm: “Crash with vehicle into structure 1800 block 14th St NW. #DCsBravest on scene assessing 3 injuries. Initial indications of structural damage. The cave-in task force is enroute. 1 structure being evacuated. Collapse zone established.”

Som Records responded “One guy did leave in a stretcher but he was talking and didn’t seem too hurt.”

A reader responded to us on twitter with news about the injured pedestrian: “My son, former husband and brother-in-law we’re leaving the store moments before this happened and narrowly escaped with their lives. Former husband hit by the vehicle on his leg. Former husband has leg injury.”

Kat sent the photo above: “I was buying shoes inside Pacers Running when that happened. I was with my two toddlers (you can see their scooters by the entrance on one of the photos). We are fine though and only one of them was a bit scared. The other one didn’t care because he wanted an orange tracker.”

More photos:

Photo by Chad Evans

Photo by Jennifer DePaoli

Photo by Jared Keith Lee


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