Washington, DC

251 Florida Ave., NW courtesy Truxton Inn

From a press release:

“Truxton Inn reopens on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020 after being closed since March 15th. To start, only the patio will be open to guests, and operating hours will be 5pm-9pm Wednesday-Friday and 2pm-8pm Saturday and Sunday. In compliance with DC Health and ABRA, at the minimum: face-coverings are required of guests except when eating and drinking, tables are limited to 6 guests, and at least one food item must be ordered per table.

Truxton Inn Menu – (PDF)

While the prepared food items are limited (popcorn, snack mix, and mixed nuts), General Manager Brian Nixon has coordinated with the DMV Food Truck Association to have a rotating roster of food trucks to provide additional sustenance to guests.

The cocktail menu includes new original cocktails, and brings back one house favorite, the “JFK on Vacay”, in addition to the introduction of Sangria, two Crushes (orange and grapefruit), and alcoholic “Freezy Pops”. Serendipitously, “National Freezer Pop Day” is also on Wednesday, July 8th. The Freezy Pops have been a big hit at sister bar McClellan’s Retreat, which was able to stay open through the pandemic.”


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