Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Something truly bizarre unfolded yesterday in Dupont that was captured by our Nest cam. My roommate witnessed it from the door, and at first I dismissed the story when I arrived home but after reviewing the footage this morning (because what else is there to do at 5AM) I have to admit there is some mystery to it and I’m intrigued…

Yesterday [Friday] around 530PM a young man picks up a hose that had been watering a bush along the verge. He approaches and stares down another man walking towards him and hoses the guy down! The sprayer then places the hose down calmly and both individuals walk away. The whole incident took less than 30 seconds and never escalated beyond a “what the hell gesture” from the sprayee.

Unfortunately we don’t pay for storage so I can only provide screencaps [more below], but none of this makes sense. After watching it 4-5 times I have some theories but wanted to put it out there in hopes of hearing from either party involved!”


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