Washington, DC

courtesy Peregrine Espresso

From Peregrine:

“On April 1, 2020, Peregrine Espresso delivered the first round of coffee and pastries for local healthcare workers. Since then, customers have contributed over $10,500 toward coffee and pastry deliveries, serving 2,100 healthcare professionals and first responders.

Peregrine Espresso continues to invite customers to buy coffee and pastries, which will be delivered to professionals working at local healthcare facilities, as well as to other first responders, as funds allow.

This provides front-line professionals with vital caffeine and sustenance so they can better serve our community, allows Peregrine to maintain a revenue stream and offer hours to employees, and further, enables on-going purchases from local businesses, Small Planes Coffee and Bluebird Bakery.

Customers can visit the online shop to buy coffee for one, coffee for 10, coffee for 50, or multiples of any package. Deliveries include coffee, condiments, mini pastries and a thank you card with the names of contributors.

Coffee and pastry drop offs have, thus far, served: George Washington University Hospital, Georgetown University Hospital, Howard University Hospital, St Elizabeths Hospital, Whitman Walker Health Centers, local fire stations, and several smaller facilities.

Visit peregrineespresso.com/sendcoffee to send coffee to healthcare workers.”


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