Washington, DC

6th and Rhode Island Ave, NW via IG

Ed. Note: This is the the former Mr. P’s Ribs lot.

It had been like a year since our last Electric Cool-Aid update. Thanks to a reader for sending word about their Indiegogo:

“We are here to bring you hot fun in the summertime. Frozen drinks, things in cans, and a magic bus, all at the corner of 6th and Rhode Island NW.

You may be hearing about us for the first time, or maybe you have been hearing about us for over a year. We have gone from being a dream to having building permits and an approval for a liquor license, now we just need to build this beauty.

What we need / What you get

We have some money saved up, but need your help to make Electric Cool-Aid all it can be — how about some needlepoint in the bathrooms? Lasers in the bus? Super-giant umbrellas? We like all those things and want you to have them.

To show our thanks and help you show your love, we have quite a few perks. Some are more lasting than others. But we know some of you treasure an hour of music more than a tank top. And some of you want you cat’s likeness forever forged somewhere on the bus.”



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