Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I live off 14th St NW on a quiet residential street. Last night, construction workers were doing VERY LOUD construction on our street between 11pm-2am. Around 1am I went downstairs to complain about the noise. I was one of multiple neighbors complaining. No one could sleep. Supposedly they had a permit from the city to be conducting this work until 5am but I have a hard time believing this.

Maybe they were allowed to do work on 14th St, but I can’t imagine they’d allow work on this residential street so late at night. Additionally there were no signs for construction, no cones protecting the cars on the street, and no prior notification that this construction would be taking place. The photo below shows a car mere feet away from all this work, and this morning, the car is covered in dust and dirt. Our building manager was given no notice that this would be happening and the workers said this could go on for weeks.

Does anyone know if this is legal and who I can contact to sort this out? I called the police last night, who came and did nothing but move the workers closer to 14th St. I called DDOT and they said I needed to provide the permit number for them to find the work. He couldn’t find anything in the system searching the intersection.

Please help me PoPville, this lady needs her sleep!!”


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