Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

“Dear PoPville,

I am writing to find out whether any of your readers have any advice on the most effective way to petition WMATA to change its policy regarding strollers on its buses. I recently had a horrible experience on a bus with my stroller and would like to find out why WMATA does not allow unfolded strollers on its buses, as many other metropolitan cities do. I understand from a September 2018 GGW article that WMATA may have considered changing its policy for umbrella strollers but either has not yet, or decided not to. Any advice? See my complaint to WMATA below.

“I am writing to express my serious disappointment with WMATA’s bus policy on strollers. I have a one year old son and regularly commute on the bus. However, WMATA’s policy that strollers must be collapsed while riding the bus makes it extremely difficult for me and my son to access public transportation. On one recent occasion, I was alone with my son and had serious difficulty holding him while also collapsing the stroller and holding on to the stroller. In fact, it caused a hazard when the stroller hit another passenger’s foot. No one assisted me during this time and I felt especially isolated and disrespected as a mother when other passengers around me were permitted to take large wheeled carts on the bus that take up just as much room (if not more!) as a stroller. Why are those carts and wheelchairs permitted but not strollers, which are also necessary accessibility devices for small children. There are many single parents in DC who depend on WMATA’s bus service and the policy requiring a collapsed stroller adds significant stress and complication for parents whose lives are already complicated. For a city that prides itself on progressive policies that support parents, WMATA should be ashamed of itself for not making the bus more accessible to parents and their small children.”


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