Washington, DC

From an email:

“We are a local Morris dance team who have been performing in the DC area since 1977. Every year we and the Rock Creek Morris Women join with thousands of people all over the world who perform Morris Dancing at dawn on May First. We are also joined by Sligo Creek Sword, who won the North American Rapper Dance competition last year. This year we will dance at dawn (starting at 6:00 am) at the Takoma Park Gazebo and in NoMa and at Union Market later in the day.

Full schedule

6:00 AM – Takoma Park Gazebo
9:00 AM – Takoma Park Roscoe the Rooster Statue (Laurel ave x Carol ave )
11:00 AM – NoMa-Galludet Metro Station
12:00 PM – Union Market

The later times are approximate.”


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