Washington, DC

Photo by flickr user @mjb

The iconic Duke Ellington mural was removed from the True Reformer building at 12th and U St, NW back in May 2012. At that time we were told repair could take up to a year.  In 2013 we learned that:

“Local Artist Byron Peck would create a replica of his Duke Ellington mural on U Street. The Commission looked at all of the options for preservation. The structure behind the mural was eroding. The best option is a replica and Peck has agreed. The goal is to have an unveiling and installation by Duke Ellington’s birthday in April 2014.”

And after a few more years I had completely given up hope. Thanks to U Street Buzz for sending us word that they heard it was coming back.

I inquired as well and hear that “weather permitting” the mural should return sometime this April!! Fingers crossed and stay tuned.

12th and U Street, NW


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