Washington, DC

2436 14th Street, NW at Belmont

Aha!! A few weeks ago we noted that it looked like a new restaurant was coming to the former Creme space on 14th. And indeed one is – it’s gonna be Rooster & Owl. Despite the fact that the name will obviously be savaged in the comments, [Ed. Note: Personally as a fan of both roosters and owls, I’m rather keen on the name] this sounds very very promising. Their website says:

Welcome to Rooster & Owl from Mark Riffee on Vimeo.

“The name Rooster & Owl is inspired by its co-founders, husband and wife team Yuan and Carey Tang. The two had opposite work schedules but always came together around food and dining adventures. And that’s exactly what Rooster & Owl brings to the table: a social, shared dining experience.

Led by chef and owner Yuan Tang, Rooster & Owl is dedicated to the craft of the culinary arts and passionate about market-driven cuisine. Come experience the thrill of fine dining in a comfortable, customizable environment.

Build your own 4-course meal to be enjoyed with the table. Dining out is more than just as meal: it’s a social experience, so we encourage guests to share!”

Check out a sample menu here.


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