More Dockless Motorized Scooters and Bicycles coming in 2019

From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced a major step toward more equitable transportation options with a broad but incremental expansion of the dockless vehicle sharing program for 2019.

In 2019, DDOT plans to issue ten public right-of-way occupancy permits to operators of dockless bicycles or electric scooters. The 10 approved permits will allow up to 6,000 vehicles, which is a 2.5 times the maximum of 2,400 on the street today.

“DDOT is pleased with the quality and number of dockless operators for the 2019 program,” said DDOT Director, Jeff Marootian. “With our requirements on affordability and equity, we have created new choices for residents in all eight wards, while fostering a landscape of competition among operators that will reward the most innovative, safe and efficient providers of dockless bikes and scooters.”

DDOT is also seeking clarification on a series of technical and operational details from some operators that, if successfully addressed, could allow six additional permits to operators no later than March 1, 2019. The 2019 program will see a significant expansion in dockless bike and scooter providers, increasing options and availability of dockless vehicles across the District.

After a thorough evaluation of the 2017-2018 dockless demonstration, DDOT is confident that performance-based growth in the 2019 program will offer greater access to underserved communities as well as achieve the environmental and safety goals of Sustainable DC and Vision Zero. If each of the twelve potential operators (operating under 16 permits) meets performance standards in categories such as equity, ridership, parking, safety and data reporting, the total program could grow to 16,800 vehicles by the year’s end.

Illustrative of the District’s commitment to equity and accessible transportation options, all twelve potential operators for 2019 have agreed to offer unlimited half-hour rides for free to individuals with an income level at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines, cash options for payment, and non-smart phone options for renting vehicles.  DDOT will be closely examining operators’ ridership in geographic equity emphasis areas throughout the District as part of overall program evaluation, and as a condition for operators to grow their fleet sizes.

The 2019 Dockless Vehicle Sharing Operators that have received conditional approval (pending receipt of permit fees and required documentation) are:

  • Hopr (motorized bicycles and electric scooters)
  • Jump (motorized bicycles)
  • Lyft (electric scooters)
  • Razor (electric scooters)
  • Ridecell (motorized bicycles and electric scooters)
  • Skip (electric scooters)
  • Spin (electric scooters)
  • Wind (electric scooters)

DDOT is confirming technical details and the operators’ ability to meet all requirements for the following operators:

  • Bird (electric scooters)
  • Jump (electric scooters)
  • Lime (motorized bicycles)
  • Lime (electric scooters)
  • Riide (motorized bicycles)
  • VeoRide (electric scooters)

If operators demonstrate to DDOT the ability to meet permit terms and conditions, the six permits above will be granted by March 2, 2019 at the latest.

DDOT’s evaluation report on the 2017-2018 Dockless Demonstration is available here

DDOT published a proposed rulemaking for Dockless Vehicle Sharing on October 26, 2018. DDOT accepted public comment on the proposal and the sample Terms and Conditions documents to which permitted operators must agree.  The final rulemaking is available here

General information on the Dockless Vehicle Sharing program is available on DDOT’s website.

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