Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I live in an building above a bar/ restaurant. I Have talked to my leasing office, ABRA, the cops and the bar itself, all more than once, about the amount of noise that comes through my floor (mostly on weekends but occasionally weekdays). There has been no solution it seems because that problem still persists and it is so loud I can’t sleep at all.

The leasing office said the bar shouldn’t be that loud and if they are to call the police on them because their license doesn’t allow that. But calling the police almost doesn’t seem to do much besides get it lowered for just that night, the music is back the next night. I know other people in the apartment building have complained but nothing has been done about it.

Someone suggested I say I’ll withhold my rent if nothing is done but that’s risky business and could come back to bite me. Any other suggestions? or am I SOL?”


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