Washington, DC

via google maps

Mark passes on from the MBT listserv:

“This morning at 8:45 a man was exposing himself while standing in the middle of the trail, between NY Ave. & R St. NE. I saw something similar about a month ago, but it was not so obvious, so I didn’t report it. I called police this morning after I got to work. Please report to police if you see this behavior — if it is the same person he seems to be getting more bold.”

From an email:

“There is a black male, about 5’8”, wearing a light blue sky denim jacket and pants, jerking off in public on the NoMa metro platform. The WMATA police have been notified. According to a nice man I was with, he is around the area often. Please stay alert. I was sitting on one of the benches as he did this in my peripheral.”


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