Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

For the past couple years, once it gets warm and the ground is a little wet, I’ve noticed an oil-like substance that seeps from the ground and onto the sidewalk at this specific location, near the apex of a hill on New Hampshire Avenue as it passes Rock Creek Cemetery.

While I originally thought that someone must have dumped something on the sidewalk, it appears to be quite clearly seeping from the ground, on both sides of the peak of this hill (but not at the very top), and over an area of maybe 100 yards. It’s adjacent to the bus stop for the 64 bus, New Hampshire and 3rd Street NW.

PoPville universe, any idea what this sludge could be? It is quite foul and it seems pretty obvious that it shouldn’t be there. Any suggestions as to who I should report this to, to hopefully get it cleaned up permanently?”


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