Washington, DC

From the National Parks Service:

“The Meridian Hill Park fountains are currently non-functional and in disrepair due to a broken supply waterline under the containment pool at the bottom of the cascades. The break is under the historic concrete of the pool floor. The park has identified funds and is in the process of contracting the work which includes cutting and removing a portion of the pool floor, excavate to the waterline and repair as needed. We are working to have the supply waterline work completed by early summer.

This work will allow the cascades to operate fully while the remaining portions of the upper fountain system on the great terrace, where Joan of Arc Statue is located, will remain off. The upper fountains on the great terrace will not be operational until a larger project is in place to repair a waterline break connecting those two fountains within the next several years. This project will include removal of the hard surface and repair of the great terrace which is part of a larger multi-phased project within the park to address this and other infrastructure needs.”


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