Washington, DC

While going solar is cost-efficient in the long-run, it often comes with some hefty upfront or monthly fees. Those financial barriers can stop Washington, D.C. homeowners from enjoying clean, renewable energy for their households.

With DC Solar Ventures, District residents can own their own rooftop solar system for free. That’s right, no financial barriers – free.

In 2017, D.C. was named the first LEED for Cities Platinum certified city in the world by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The city is leading the way in environmental issues because residents, private companies and government agencies alike are doing things like adopting solar energy to reduce their dependence on nonrenewable sources. The more people and businesses hop aboard, the cleaner and greener D.C. will become.

For District residents, there are plenty of advantages to going solar.

Homeowners who have installed residential solar systems have seen their electricity bills decrease because the systems produce a large portion – if not all – of their electricity needs. Reduced maintenance and increase lifespan of their roofs are also potential benefits. And when it’s time to sell a house, residential solar can increase home values. Moreover, going solar is clean, green and responsible.

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