Washington, DC

2420 14th Street, NW

Bummer. Thanks to Matt for passing on:

“First and foremost, we want to thank you for being a valued customer of Love ‘n Faith Cafe, we have appreciated being a part of your community. We are sad to say, we are not able to continue our loyalty program or discounts. We are not able to meet our monthly bills and can not afford to offer any discounts. We value you and hope you will continue to return while we are still open. Please note that we are looking for a buyer, if you know anyone who wants a great space please send them to us. We are looking to sell as soon as possible! Thank you for continued support, Faith”

Love ‘n Faith Cafe opened back in 2014. There was a scare in 2016 but things were looking good. While still open, we will update when/if a buyer is found.


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