Love ‘n Faith Cafe Opens on 14th Street Friday

by Prince Of Petworth June 10, 2014 at 10:25 am 20 Comments

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2420 14th Street, NW

Love ‘N Faith Community Café had a soft opening this past weekend and will open with regular hours starting on Friday. Summer hours are:

Friday – 7am to Midnight
Saturday 9am to Midnight
Sunday 11am to 10pm
Monday thru Wednesday 7am to 9
Thursday 7am to 10pm

Their Facebook page says:

“Love n’ Faith is a community cafe specializing in Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream, espresso- based drinks and gluten-free, naturally sweetened desserts.”

Thanks to the owners for sending a shot from the soft opening:

photo 1

  • Anonymous

    This is dope!

  • Anonymous

    Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is really fun. Anyone that has kids should go check this out.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds exciting, but the place looks very lack-luster. I wish it was a little snazzier!

  • Chalk

    I stopped by this weekend and had a great experience. Glad to have them around the corner from my apartment!

    • O

      I have to say that love and Faith was such a better product and experience. I would never go back to that Nice cream one, sadly. That place had plain bad ice cream. I LOVE all ice cream but they put so much salt…it was weird and they didn’t get the liquid nitrogen right because it was frozen so it became hard and was just off. The young people working their kept sighing and saying how tired they were and they were pouring the liquid nitrogen in jugs and spilling it. Not a good experience.

  • Anonymous

    There’s also a liquid nitrogen ice cream place in Clarendon called Nicecream Factory. Very cool experience and the flavors are delicious!

    • Anonymous

      Huh, I didn’t like that one as much. Each to their own

  • Rich

    They’ve had kiosks at things I’ve attended at the convention center. good, but not great–I wouldn’t go out of my way. I think it will be tough for them, esp. once the mercury begins to drop.

    • Faith

      Hello Rich, I’m very sad to hear you have not had a stellar experience at the convention center when tasting my products, I hope you will give Love ‘N Faith Café an opportunity to change your mind… Please come and try us out…

  • SO

    The ice cream and smoothies are so yummy :)..creamy but healthier. The decor and music also inviting. We came in from Bethesda and it was well worth it. Looking forward to throwing an ice cream party for my friends here.

  • Anonymous

    The vibe is so uplifting at this cafe– and the owner says they’ll have some sandwich and salad options soon. Can’t wait!

  • Anonymouse

    Best ice cream I’ve ever tasted. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Don’t snooze on this. Plus, I love what they’re trying to do with the quotes on the tables and community spirit. This is going to be my new neighborhood hang-out, especially once the paninis and salads come online!

  • Melanie

    Love ‘n Faith Community Cafe serves up extremely fresh ice creams, sorbets, and coffee drinks from its absolutely gorgeous counter (handcrafted, like the tables, by the owner’s own brother). When I first heard of liquid nitrogen ice cream, I was a doubter. How can something made with something called “liquid nitrogen” be fresh and delicious? The answer, for the uninitiated, is this: the nitrogen is simply the cooling agent for the outside of the bowl. Inside, Faith (the owner) and her staff only put the freshest, tastiest ingredients. No freezer burn here–they make the ice cream right before your eyes. I can’t wait to try more of the coffee drinks on cozy, cold nights in winter….when we get there. For now, it’s summer, and perfect time to enjoy the frozen offerings from this wonderful locally owned business.

  • I will admit I’m a bit skeptical about the overwhelming positivity exhibited here. It almost reads like the owner asked all her friends to come and anonymously hype it up… (whether intentional or not)

    • Emilie504


      • Melanie

        I do know the owner, and there’s nothing about that that should incite skepticism. Since this is a true, built from the ground up business in the community, I’m sure many more people know, and will come to know, the owner. It’s a great break from national chains.

    • Faith

      Hello Justin, I did post on our facebook page so yes you are correct some of the friends who came out over the weekend have commented… But I hope you will come out and check it out yourself and form your own opinion once we open on the 13th…

  • G

    I was surprised that the ice cream really does taste different when made with liquid notrogen. Very neat. This place has a great vibe and the owners were very friendly and enthusiastic. I’m sure this place will do well with their community focus, yummy ice cream and location. Best ice cream I’ve had in years. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Loved it! Super cute, yummy!

  • Anonymous

    The cookies and cream is legit!!! Some of the best ice cream i’ve ever had


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