Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

My neighbor and I have been in a heated (ok, casual) debate about the north boundary of Petworth. The Brightwood Park and Petworth wikipedia pages give conflicting information for the north border of Petworth.

Brightwood south border according to brightwood park wiki page:

Emerson Street NW to the south.

Petworth north border according to Petworth wiki page:

to the north by Hamilton Street NW

Do you have any official take on this so we can stop the madness?”

OK, OK, OK, here it goes – when I moved to Petworth in 2003 most folks I spoke to said that the north border of Petworth was firmly considered Kennedy Street though some people pushed it all the way to Missouri. From Kennedy Street to Missouri was considered Brightwood Park and north of Missouri was/is Brightwood proper. So, by order of the Prince of Petworth I officially declare the northern boundary of Petworth to be Kennedy Street, NW. Having said that, call it what you will – you people drive me crazy : ) As for the southern border


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