Washington, DC

2905 Sherman Ave, NW

Thanks to Eric for sending. Any fans of “Sóc Trăng” style cuisine?

Another reader writes:

“This house has been abandoned for at least three years and all of sudden in the last 2 months a lot of work has been done. I am not 100% sure, but I could’ve sworn I saw a couple people leave the house one evening with “Pho Viet” shirts. Now today this sign popped up on the house. I hope the Pho Viet crew (3513 14th Street, NW) are opening a new restaurant.”

Last month the Washington Post shared my love for Pho Viet (with tons of info about the restaurant and family) and included this little tidbit at the end:

“Along with her mother, Nguyen is opening a second restaurant in the area early next year, focusing on bun rieu, a vermicelli soup popular throughout southern Vietnam. The restaurant is an homage to the region where Nguyen’s love of cooking was born — and the woman who taught her about food.”

Updates when they get closer to opening. STAY TUNED.


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