Washington, DC

3333 Georgia Ave, NW courtesy Midlands

Last Friday we spoke about the crackdown at Wonderland. Thanks to all who messaged about Midlands last night:

“Dear Friends, Neighbors and Dog Parents,

We deeply regret having to make this statement, but Washington DC’s Dept. of Health just paid us a visit and told us we are NO LONGER ALLOWED TO HAVE DOGS on the property until further notice. This means all dogs including Andy Pants. We are very sorry for this awful change, but we have no control over it. Write your council member, we are.

Ward 1 CM Brianne Nadeau ([email protected]) since both Midlands and Wonderland are both in her district,

Health Committee Chair Vincent Gray ([email protected]) and his committee director [email protected]

Dept. of Health Director [email protected] (cc: [email protected]).

Just put it all in the same email

Midlands & Andy”

One reader notes from the comments: “The Midlands Inspector told me that “this all stems from the Washington Post.” They supposedly put out an article or something about a complaint they received about all the dogs on patios in dc. This is what she told me.”

Ed. Note: For those who wish to debate kids in bars, you may have a refresher here, also about Midlands.


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