Washington, DC

11th and Kenyon Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Wanted to let you and the community know that apparently Wonderland Ballroom is no longer allowing dogs ANYWHERE on their premises.

I tried to sit outside the other night with my pup, as I have done hundreds of times, and the bouncer very sadly let me know that the health department had “cracked down” on them and they weren’t allowed to have dogs even in the outdoor seating area. He also told me that they said it was part of a “city-wide crackdown” on dogs – which scared me even more, but I wandered down to another patio and there was no issue.

I know Wonderland has been specifically such a dog-friendly place for the neighborhood, and many will be bummed as I am to hear this news.

I wouldn’t even know where to start but is there something we can do!?”

Unfortunately Wonderland confirms that:

“The health department said they got a complaint from a customer about dogs on the patio. They came by and left a flyer and said absolutely no animals on premise except for service animals.”


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