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Magic Marilyn by @olaf_berzerker #dc #popville

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Fear not the iconic Marylin Monroe is not going anywhere but a post of her on PoPville’s Instagram led to an interesting revelation from Ryan Wegman:

“What should be the mural on the opposite wall of Connecticut Ave. to match? Jackie O. was suggested (her and JFK frequented the Omni when it was THE place to dance in the city — the Blue Room, specifically — until someone made the Marilyn/Jackie connection. We’re now thinking Grover Cleveland, General Patton, and Martin Van Buren, all former residents of Woodley Park, but I’m still into keeping it female. We’d love everyone’s input and/or recommendation of an artist!

The mural process is still on-going even though the date on the flyer has passed. There hasn’t been a consensus yet as to what it should be.

The mural will be closing soon for ideas — we have until September 9th.

Mural Concept Development Guide (PDF)

“The owner of Rajaji at 2603 Connecticut Ave. has donated his south-facing wall to MuralsDC and requested the development of an original mural for that location. MuralsDC is asking for neighborhood input concerning the subject matter of that mural.”


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