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Remember Yesterday When I Said Last Wawa Report for a while? Just Kidding!!

by Prince Of Petworth June 15, 2017 at 11:00 am 26 Comments

Old Ralph Lauren Rugby at 1065 Wisconsin Ave, NW closed in 2013

Look, I understand Wawa is no Royal Farms but make no mistake, they have many fans for a reason. So, when my sources deep in Hoagie-ville have info to share, share I must. There is no question that a Wawa is coming to Georgetown (and many other neighborhoods), the question is where in Georgetown? At first I (and others) thought they were taking over the Restoration Hardware space at 1222 Wisconsin Ave, NW. Alas, other sources deep in the world of footwear tell me that, that space is now possibly becoming a Foot Locker. Another independent source in Hoagie-ville tells me that the old Rugby space across from the Paul Bakery (pictured above) will be home to the Wawa. Of course another source says that, that space will become a South Moon Under clothing store. So who the hell knows really? All I can say is STAY TUNED.

  • pcat

    Please help me understand why folks are going on and on about this. It’s just a convenience store for god’s sake.

    • Please see all previous posts on Wawa, Trader Joe’s, Wegmans, Taylor Gourmet, &pizza, Sweetgreen, and frozen yogurt.

      • Ben

        and ShopHouse!

        • MadMax

          Add Shake Shack to that list. God help us if there are ever rumors of an In-N-Out. The posts will be endless.

        • Rich

          and Uniglo, perhaps the most emotionally charged group of all.

      • iwdc

        I can’t understand the frenzy around any of those. Being from the south, maybe the closest for me is Chick-fil-A, but given their human rights record, it’s hard for me to get excited about them.

    • atlas

      they make class hoagies

    • Tom

      I think it’s a regional allegiance thing. I grew up in Jersey, and let me tell you, people take this shit very (inexplicably) seriously. While doing undergrad in PA, I can’t tell you the amount of “WAWA SUCKS, SHEETZ IS BETTER” and vice versa conversations I had to endure. Full disclosure: I dig Wawa too, but I’m not rabid about it.

      • dcd

        “I grew up in Jersey, and let me tell you, people take this shit very (inexplicably) seriously.”
        This statement is the platonic ideal of truth.

        • Tom

          *blushes* well, I was a philosophy major…

      • Blake

        Interestingly, I went to undergrad in PA and I was in Wawa land. I was near Philly, which might be why. There were even a couple of frats and clubs that held fundraisers by setting up a Wawa-specific, late-night delivery service (this was before the days of Uber/UberEats).

        Wawa coffee is life tbh.

    • navyard

      I think we need a poll on what people call these sandwiches. If you call it a hoagie, you will be a Wawa fan. If you call it a submarine sandwich, you will be a Sheetz Fan. If you call it a grinder, I’m not sure what you are, but that’s what we called them growing up. (and we still say grinder rolls). If you call it a samwich, you might be a piggly wiggly fan. If you call it a gyro, you are a ??

      Clearly, the regional differences can be expressed by the name we attach to these funny sandwiches

      • MadMax

        “I think we need a poll on what people call these sandwiches.”
        1 vote for sandwich.

      • dcgator

        Publix had subs, so I call ’em subs.

      • KY Ave

        Nope, that doesn’t work. In north central PA, we have Sheetz, not Wawa. And they are hoagies up that way, not submarines. Grinders are heated hoagies.

        • Rich

          Grinders also tend to be a New England thing.

    • MadMax

      As someone who really doesn’t eat food from any gas station, I’m curious why anyone prefers Royal Farms as well. I’ve never even heard of that one.

      • kallie

        Wawa only added the gas station portion around 16 years ago. It was a store for a very long time previous to that.

        • Rich

          My first experience with them was an urban location in Philly about 16 years ago. I never saw the case stations until I moved back to this region 12 years ago.

  • MadMax

    I bet it’s going into the Four Seasons, because this city just loves irony.

  • dcd

    It’s getting a little hard to keep track of, but by my count, I am +1 in the hoagie count column because there won’t be a Wawa in place of restoration hardware.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll save my excitement for when Publix comes to DC.

    • neighbor

      +1 I’m not even from Florida, but I’ve been to a publix and it was legit.

    • Joshua

      They’ve already begun edging their way into the distant suburbs—a Publix is opening in Fredericksburg sometime next year.

  • funny – all very funny

  • kwame

    I miss that Rugby bar. Was a great Friday happy hour option.


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