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Final Wawa report, for now – they’re coming EVERYWHERE – Check some renderings for 19th Street

by Prince Of Petworth June 14, 2017 at 10:30 am 28 Comments

At the risk of Wawa fatigue allow me one more because I got a million messages last night including this particularly good one from Petworth ANC Rep Amy Hemingway:

“As a WaWa loyalist and Petworth ANC commissioner on the lookout for economic development opportunities and more grab n’ go food options, I attended tonight’s WaWa event at the Newseum. Growth plan is ambitious and exciting. 30-50 stores in the pipeline once they get beyond their 5-year targets. While I am eager to see how the fancy flagship does at 1111 19th Street, NW, I’m more eager to follow their plans beyond the immediate growth areas. According to John Poplawski, WaWa’s Sr. Director of Site Acquisition & Development, two site selection factors are density and pedestrian traffic all day long. Metro stops are ideal. Let’s start a movement to prioritize the Georgia Ave-Petworth station area!

And thanks to Amy for including renderings of the 19th Street spot:

  • CapitalDame

    Christ, this feels like a hostile takeover!

  • idontgetit

    I’m opening a Wawa in my house.

  • I’m not a Wawa devotee, but I gotta admit that rendering looks pretty awesome. And as a former Petworth resident, I agree one would be great right above the Metro!

    • saf

      No it wouldn’t. We already have enough trash-generating, loitering encouraging, stores there.

      • H

        +100000 enough 7-11s and other crap bodegas would like to see real coffe houses etc in pet worth esp since these crap places take 50 year leases

    • maxwell smart

      it looks like a discount La Colombe

      • Anon

        That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the “Wild Goose Cafe.”

      • Meredith

        So much Philly love in this comment.

    • Anon

      +10000 @binntp
      I would love a Wawa at the Petworth metro. I can only eat at Subway, Dunkin and Petworth Cafe so many times in a given time frame.

    • Anonymous

      I do wish there were more to-go food places right at the Metro but I’d rather have nothing than another mediocre fastfood/convenience store. I’ve stopped going to Dunkin Donuts.

  • Anong

    The Wawafication of DC has only just begun.

    • pstreet202

      Hopefully this doesn’t mean a DCfication of Wawa. I hope they don’t try to make it lame with artisanal this and that.

  • _____Woods

    30-50 stores? that seems excessive….theres a million places to get snacks, coffee and what not already. Hey…how about one over near Rhode Island Avenue

    • Anonymous

      I assume that’s not just in DC but also in “surrounding counties in MD & VA” (as in the second picture). No way there can be 30-50 in DC proper.

    • John

      WaWa is really good, I can see them taking away market share from Pret, Dunkin Donuts, etc.

    • Rich

      Given that 7-11 has been opening new locations, as well as Dunkin’ and others, I’m assuming there’s reason to believe the market is not entirely saturated yet and 5-10 stores isn’t exactly overdoing it.

  • Bloomingdalian

    Omg – this will be a future business school case-study on why market analysis is so important before mass expansion into an already saturated market.

  • ET

    Found this on a press release:

    Wawa plans to open 25 stores in the mid-Atlantic and 25 new stores in the Florida market each year for the next several years, including five to 10 stores in the Washington, D.C., market in the next two to three years. Each new Wawa store will employ nearly 40 associates, with Wawa’s urban models employing close to 100 associates per store. All of these associate roles are new positions brought to the area through the development of the stores. Associates in these full- and part-time positions will not only receive competitive salaries and health benefits but will have the opportunity to receive educational assistance through tuition reimbursement and stock in Wawa’s employee stock ownership plan. Wawa will also continue its ongoing expansion in the surrounding Counties in Maryland and Virginia to further our brand expansion.


  • Joshua

    They mentioned that Sheetz doesn’t do urban stores, but that’s not entirely true. They have at least two presently, in very urban settings on the college campuses of Penn State and WVU. I would not be surprised to see them enter the DC market, especially if Wawa sees success here.

    • Rich

      College campuses aren’t exactly “urban”. They’re just capturing their suburban customers like any number of other chains.

      • Joshua

        I don’t think you understand the definition of urban in this context. These college campuses are very walkable, densely populated neighborhoods, often with high rise residential/academic construction.

  • Neighbor

    Ugh, this is exactly what’s going to come into the park place building above the GA Ave metro, and after 6 years of being annoyed that those spaces are still empty, I will switch to missing the empty storefronts.

  • theharleyquinn

    Surely the Petworth ANC can campaign for something better than biting at this Wawa opportunity. Not everything right above the metro needs to be commuter friendly.

    • jcm

      Right? What are we, Buffalo? Aim a little higher, ANC Rep Amy Hemingway.

    • HaileUnlikely

      The still-vacant commercial unit on the south end of Park Place would be perfect for an Auto Zone.

  • Delco Pride

    These jawns are gonna be sooo sick


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