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  • northeazy

    This story intrigues me. Compass is owned by two former Marines (I know, I know, always a Marine. Semper Fi!) who are in their early 30s I believe. They got a really nice 8 part piece in the Washington Post a few years ago when they were building their first shop in Shaw. I have been to their shops and I like their coffee. I have just really been amazed at their quick expansion. I can think of no other local coffee shop (and we got quite a few) that has expanded as quickly and as frequently as them. The Wydown and Slipstream just each opened only their second shops I believe, as an example. Compass must have damn near 10 at this point. I am kind of interested in learning more about these two guys, their business plan, and their vision for their brand going forward. Maybe another 8 part WaPo piece is in order?

    • Anonymous

      I think they have five:
      Original Location (7th and Q)
      The Shay (8th and Florida)
      Chinatown (7th and F)
      Farragut (18th and I)
      Convention Center

      Can’t wait for them to make their way outside of the NW quadrant some day!

  • LOVE compass coffee!!


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