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The Capital Burger coming to 7th Street near the Future Apple Store

by Prince Of Petworth May 14, 2017 at 10:22 pm 18 Comments

1005 7th Street, NW

The liquor license applications says:

“New Restaurant specializing in burgers. Entertainment Endorsement with Dancing. Total Occupancy Load is 326. Sidewalk Café with 48 Seats.

Washington Business Journal reported in March:

“Visitors to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center will soon have another dining option near the venue: The Capital Burger, a more casual spinoff of the high-end Capital Grille.”


7th and New York Ave, NW

  • Craig

    Looking forward to their first livingsocial deal. ;)

    • Rich

      Esp. at that address.

      • Craig

        Yep. That was the point of my joke.

        • I laughed and stole it for the PoPville facebook post :)

          • Craig

            Thanks, Dan. I’m honored.

        • Rich

          As evident below–some people don’t understand the joke. That’s why I added the explanation. posters often are nubes or just clueless about a lot of the city.

          • MadMax

            One can be pretty well clued into the workings of DC without knowing about which companies are/were housed in small office buildings.

          • Craig

            I guess that’s so. After 18 years of living here (albeit not necessarily “social”), I still sometimes forget that folks aren’t always familiar with the history of their surroundings.

            I remember this location was supposed to be the anchor of a promised 7th St “Tech Corridor”, which like a lot of other mayoral initiatives has fizzled in the long run.

            (And yikes, I’ve been here almost longer than some PoPVillagers have been alive! OMGWTFBBQ!)

    • LedroitTigah

      I haven’t had a lot of coffee this morning – why would there be a livingsocial deal for this resto? Was this their fmer HQ?

      By the way, I think theres a furniture store opening up near there. Anyone know which one? I saw an old school ‘furniture’ sign being mounted when I was walking past there a few weekends ago.

  • J

    Really wish that flipper color palette will go away for good. Every house in my neighborhood is now painted some shade of blue-grey, and it is so boring.

    • JohnH

      Well in this area, that’s actually a pretty unique color – and actually quite colorful.

  • MadMax

    I haven’t been to a Capital Grill location in probably 10 years, but they did used to have a pretty awesome burger back then. Not that the city was clamoring for yet another fancy burger option…

  • JohnH

    But what about living social? They were the next big thing! Sigh

    • MadMax

      It still exists as a brand, but they were bought out by Groupon.

      • Anon

        “they were bought out by Groupon”
        I believe the price they paid was $1.

  • ST21

    Unrelated but Events DC also just released renderings of their plan for the makeover of the Convention Center. Thank god. That concrete monstrosity needed a facelift in the worst way. While it will never be an appealing looking building, I really think the plans will be a massive improvement. I already like that little area of town but between the new places that have already opened, the flagship apple store, a makeover of the convention center, and also a huge makeover of Tech World it will really be great.

    • AMDCer

      Hmm – I’ve always liked the design of the convention center, but I guess that’s because I compare it to the old one (which really was a concrete monstrosity). At least the current one has some windows.


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