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‘Diet Starts Monday – Retail + Restaurant + Bar’ next up at 14th just north of U Street, NW (next to Marvin)

by Prince Of Petworth May 8, 2017 at 11:00 am 54 Comments

2005 14th Street, NW

This was most recently home to the BBQ Joint who closed back in November. Next up – Diet Starts Monday.


I am intrigued:


Check out the menu after the jump including a $14 Marion Barry as well as a Benning Road Burrito:



  • FridayGirl

    I’m calling it now — I don’t think this place will last long either. Still too expensive and I feel like it’s a really disjointed concept. (I saw an instagram post on them yesterday and was like “Wait, who? What? Shopping and food? Huh?” Plus it’s hella expensive still.)

    • Local Resident

      Yup — looks like some marketing consultant got a hold of the menu and was told “make it catchy and reflect DC postcards.”

  • ustreetmayor

    $14 for a burrito!?!?! $15 for a hot dog?!?!

    • Tsar of Truxton

      It was a slippery slope once Mirabelle’s started selling a ham sandwich for $28 or whatever it is.

      • INWDC

        If I’m paying that kinda cash for ham sandwich it better be made with Iberican ham.

  • Anonthony

    Nothing ever lasts here, and that name virtually guarantees that this place won’t last. These guys seem to have an unlimited budget.

    • Anon

      “Hilton brothers”

  • theharleyquinn

    Some of these naming choices for food are straight up tacky/tone deaf with those prices

    • Duponter

      I do not understand what the name (which I actually think is hilarious and a great name for a restaurant) has to do with the prices?

      • gloverpark

        Calling a $14 drink the “Marion Barry” is pretty tone-deaf, given that his constituency/primary group of supporters in the end was Ward 8.

        • c

          plenty of people liked marion barry even after they didnt like him as a politician anymore.
          his fame is still large.

          • stacksp


            I do not get the tone-deaf aspect. His fame is large and is a part of DCs legacy. Some may not agree or rationalize why but it is the case and he will always be remembered and not just by Ward 8 residents.

        • Anon X

          Marion Barry was a fixture around 14th&U for much of his career. When he was young, he organized communities around there and went out on the town to the venues on U St. The Reeves Center was a project stewarded by him. Im sure there are other examples that I am not aware of.

      • Duponter

        Besides, Marion would happily approve of this place charging $14 for a drink named after him so long as they were funneling $7 of it to line his pockets.

        • theharleyquinn

          It was more so the Barry Farms Banana Split and the Benning Road Burrito but enjoying your jokes nonetheless

  • CP

    $8 for french fries with ketchup. That is really cute.

    • Guillermo Brown

      Yeah, I know nothing about the food industry but I always kinda assumed food was loss leader-esque so you’d buy more drinks.

  • northeazy

    So what do we think this is here?

    Someone who just has a lot of money and doesn’t care about turning a profit?

    New business owners who somehow get a bank to approve this and will end up placing themselves in debt for the next decade?


    child of a successful restaurant group owner who splashes cash on his kid to let them do something?

    “Investment opportunity” that will end up robbing naive investors?

    Just cant fathom there was no one in this person’s life or business circle who “no, this is going to fail 100%”

  • stacksp

    Looks like the sort of venue that will cater to pop up shops and after hour events along with the retail that they plan to sell.

  • textdoc

    Eight-dollar French fries?? Fifteen-dollar hot dog??
    I don’t see this place lasting much longer than its predecessors.

    • Q

      And a $15 cheesesteak made with Steakums and Velvita [sic]. And $8 pickles. WHAT

  • MR

    Just an awful name.

    • Anon

      I’m really surprised there aren’t more comments on what a ridiculous name it is. I suppose it’s fine for an Instagram/Twitter caption but it’s really not clever for a restaurant name. Might as well call it “Don’t Eat Here” for me.

    • Duponter

      To each their own, I guess. I kinda thought it was hilarious.

    • CathedralHeightsMetro

      Yeah it makes me think of bad Facebook memes.

    • Truxton Thomas

      It’s like a bar named after an old “Cathy” comic strip.

      • CathedralHeightsMetro

        Haha, yes!

  • skj84

    Maybe there are just throwing anything out there and trying to see what sticks? Or just don’t care anymore since literally every concept in this location has closed.

  • CathedralHeightsMetro

    I continue to be amused by all of the ill-fated concepts that seem to pass through this space. From Blackbyrd to the BBQ place, they all seemed to get the vast majority of their business from people trying to go to Marvin but either 1) getting confused by the similar exterior or 2) arriving at Marvin but then not wanting to wait in the late-night line. At least that’s the only time I ever saw people in there, or went myself.

    • FridayGirl

      +1. Honestly I think half the reason it always fails is because everything that goes in there has outrageous prices. If they put like a mid-range kind of thing there (like Cava, or a boba place, or something) it would probably do a LOT better.

      • Anon

        I would love a boba place but I could see Cava doing really well there. They should keep it in mind for when this place inevitably fails.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        I am not saying this place is worth the money, but there are plenty of places in this area that get by charging insane prices, so I am not sure only this one would fail for that reason. Also, Blackbyrd was not that expensive (sub-$15 entrees; can’t speak to quality), and the upstairs was pretty awesome (way better than Marvin imo).

        • CathedralHeightsMetro

          I admit, I had some fun times at Blackbyrd, even if I can’t remember why I ended up there.

  • JS

    $14 cocktails, $15 hot dogs and a name that will make no sense in a text message or a google search mean this won’t be the business that finally finds success in this space.

  • Duponter

    It’s amazing to me that with such profound views on restaurant business models expressed here that more restauranteurs do not seek POP commentariat for advice before planning a restaurant, or that more of you haven’t hit it big time based on your expertise!

    • MR

      Dude, you have four comments on here defending the restaurant. I don’t know what your angle is, but if you disagree that it’s a terribly-named, overpriced, ill-fated concept, that’s cool. No need to constantly stick up for the place.

      • Anonymous

        To each their own… except I’m right

  • Annoyed

    My husband and I wandered in here on Saturday to check the place out. We had coffee cups from the Wyndown in our hands. The guy “guarding” the door (it was 3:00 p.m.) was super rude when we said we wanted to check it out because we had outside food. He told us we couldn’t come in. Just an all around a-hole. I said then I wasn’t going back. This menu doesn’t make me want to try going again at all. Overpriced and not exciting.

  • Chris

    The place hasn’t even opened and I’m actively rooting for its demise. Go ahead and call me a hater, but I’d rather see a vacant storefront than pay $15 for a hot dog.

    Pretty excellent name for a restaurant though…

  • Glinda

    The food is such a mish mash of different things. The DC concept is forced. Given that the space is kind of small, I think they should do just do a neighborhood bar concept, they wouldn’t even have to serve food. That’s what the neighborhood needs. Something like Hill Prince on H Street. Some reasonably priced cocktails, and a good craft beer and wine list would be great.

  • Julia Vipsania

    This is one of the worst concepts I’ve ever heard. Imagine yourself saying “Hey guys, let’s hit up happy hour at Diet Starts Monday.” You can’t. Charging $14 for a cheesesteak with Velveeta (that’s misspelled, natch) is just adding insult to injury.

  • illinoisandjefferson

    it’s funny how people on here are complaining about $8 for a side of fries at a place on 14th st, but im sure are paying 2k or more for a studio/1br. and as far as the concern about a cheese steak with velveeta – have you never had an authentic cheesesteak from philly? smh.

    • MR

      SMH that because you think *some* people are paying two grand a month for a studio, *all* of us should be ok paying $15 for a hot dog and $8 for fries. Sounds rational.

      • illinoisandjefferson

        you obv missed my point.

        • MR

          No, I didn’t. Read your first sentence again. Did you miss your own point?

      • FridayGirl

        +1. People have different priorities. (And also, to clarify, I scoff at these prices but I also am not paying anywhere near 2k for my place just two blocks up the street…)

    • Q

      I sure have. And they did have Velveeta, but they didn’t cost $15 and they sure weren’t made with Steakums.


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