• Effie

    Not much of a difference really…

  • lm

    looks worse, somehow?

  • J Street


  • Hill Denizen

    I don’t know if it’s the lighting, but the sign looks even harder to read now. Now that they have such a light colored background, they should paint the sign a darker color.

  • ajr

    Just like the food and service, I find the new look underwhelming.

  • Anon

    Contrary to the other comments, I actually like the new color. I’ve always walked past this place and never really gave it a second glance — never really stood out. Now it’s a bit more eye-catching and chic with the black/cream combo.

    • AJSE


  • zooks

    It looks a lot brighter, I like it.

  • MadMax

    I like it better than the grey and red combo.

  • districtwanderer

    The old color was working just fine. I had a first date here once a few years back: we got married:)

  • Karima Simmons

    i hear the menu is changing too. better or worse, who knows??


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