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“Comey Fired: Protest at White House” 12pm

by Prince Of Petworth May 10, 2017 at 9:50 am 45 Comments

move on investigate
via MoveOn.org

From Comey Fired: Protest at White House:

“INVESTIGATE TRUMP NOW: On Tuesday, Trump fired Jim Comey—director of the FBI, which was investigating the Trump campaign’s potential collusion in Russian efforts to sway our election. No one can be above the law. It’s time for an independent investigation and special prosecutor, NOW.

What: Protest to demand investigation of Trump
Where: The White House, North side (Lafayette Park)
When: Wednesday, May 10, 12pm

Speaker list and event co-hosts to come

Event co-hosts (in formation):

Working Families Party
People for the American Way
CREDO Action
Bend the Arc Jewish Action
Americans Against Trump
American Family Voices
Common Defense

By choosing to attend this event, you are acknowledging the risks involved, and you are committing to participate non-violently and in accordance with the law, and to work to de-escalate confrontations with opposing persons or others. You agree (i) not to engage in any act of violence or violation of any applicable law and (ii) to obey the orders of authorized event marshals and law enforcement authorities.”

  • Dc denizen

    Impressive work by these groups to so quickly re-word all of the “Fire Comey!” signs they’d made in November.

    • MK32

      +1 I expect they could just use the same signs and put a big no symbol over the text…

    • FridayGirl

      It made sense in November. It does not make sense now given what has transpired in the time between.

    • Leeran

      This is the worst and laziest take if you’re trying to carry water for Trump.

      It takes a pretty cynical person to pretend to not understand why firing the guy in charge of investigating Trump’s campaign is a troubling development, given what we’ve learned the last few months.

      • Dc denizen

        It’s a joke, lighten up. If you can’t see the comedy, however dark, in both sides giving themselves ideological whiplash over whether he should have been fired; I don’t know what to tell you.

        • Leeran

          Ahh, you’re trying to do the “both sides” thing — got it. Could have saved us time by making that clear with your first comment.

        • timmyp

          I thought it was pretty funny. I honestly ask though, how effective are these protests since one is scheduled for basically every decision (albeit shitty ones) that Trump makes. It makes me wonder if elected officials are just rolling their eyes at this point. To what end I guess?

          To be clear I’m very much against everything his dumbass stands for but when there is a protest for every single thing it sort of becomes a crying wolf situation no?

          I’m sure I will get ripped for this and probably deserve it but I guess I’m just sick of react react react without thinking it through.

          • Duponter

            Protesting at the White House is stupid. If it isn’t clear the people in there have no interest in listening to you, I don’t know what will make it clear. People need to make sure the one group that can do something and are held accountable to citizens know they are angry – head down Pennsylvania Avenue and start making scenes at the Capitol. Make it hard for members of Congress to operate here. Block the doors. Sit in. Flood their phones. Organize protests in their home districts.

            Start holding private companies that donate money to folks like McConnell and Rubio who think no investigation is necessary accountable by protesting them.

            The internet outrage and protests of people not listening and not accountable to you are pointless. If people start taking to the streets and making life difficult for the oligarchy running this country, then you might get heard.

        • madmonk28

          Aren’t jokes supposed to be funny?

          • FridayGirl

            +1. Also whenever someone says to “lighten up” I want to punch them in the face.

          • dcd

            I thought it was pretty funny. If nothing else, it takes a poke at the Outrage Machine(tm), which is worth a snicker.

          • madmonk28

            It’s pretty much just repeating a right wing talking point.

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t find it funny but I did correctly identify it as a joke.

    • Logan Circus

      +1 Strange for MoveOn to host this protest while it’s website has an active petition calling for Comey’s resignation.

      • seoirnboerin

        Petitioning Comey to resign is very different from wanting the president to fire him.

        • Duponter

          Or wanting him fired for what he did wrong and not for what he’s doing right.

          Democrats didn’t want him fired for investigating Hillary. They wanted him to resign for bucking protocols in an unprecedented move to make sure voters knew about it. They don’t want him fired for investigating Russian interference in our election and the Trump associates who aided in that. And we all know that’s what precipitated this.

          If Hillary had won (she did, but moving on) and in her first 109 days fired Comey, everyone would know why she did it. And Republicans would be dragging her out of the White House for it.

          • FridayGirl

            Duponter, I think this is the only time I have ever agreed with you. Well phrased.

          • dcd

            I agree as well. Also, think about this. It’s early November 2016, and Obama fires Comey, saying that he’s been steadily losing confidence in the FBI Director, and that Comey did something in December of 2015 that was really egregious, but that it had just been pointed out to the President. (And let’s even leave aside that the thing in 2015 that was the ostensible reason for the termination provided an ENORMOUS political boost fro Obama.) Would the GOP take him at his word that the reason for the termination was that BS that happened in 2015 and some ephemeral loss of confidence, rather than to inhibit (and as retaliation for) the investigation of Clinton?
            Of course not.
            Insert your favorite gullibility cliché here – my go tos are I may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night, and don’t pee on my foot and tell me its raining.

  • MadMax

    When are DC chefs going to get together and protest his use of ketchup on steak?

  • LedroitTigah

    Good – but why not after work? His firing was preposterous. Our democracy is eroding before our eyes.

    • Anonthony

      Not everybody works from 9–5.

    • SSS

      Ooh, more Russia being beat into the ground. We should definitely forget about the budget and healthcare proposals now and chase this shiny object. I guess we’re never going to get past the days of arguing about overweight beauty queens instead of Trump’s real policy shortcomings. Trump is like a crappy magician, but the media and hard-core liberals are like 4 year olds who get distracted every time he pulls a quarter from behind someone’s ear.

      • Truxton Thomas

        Yeah, there’s no way this blunder is going to affect the administration’s budget, health-care, tax-reform, and regulatory-relief priorities. None whatsoever.

      • elbeech

        They said on the radio this morning that if the Senate is busy focusing on the Russia investigation, it could delay healthcare and tax votes.

        • Bryan

          Good. Considering the GOP’s plans for both healthcare and taxes are preposterous and horrible for most Americans, I hope both these ideas do not get voted on until they are considerably reworked.

      • Leeran

        … people can and are focusing on multiple things. A foreign power successfully meddling in 2016 is important to investigate.

        • SSS

          Oh yeah, the media and public awareness do a bang up job of focusing on the right things and not letting too much of their bandwidth get sucked into immediate reactions and tabloid style topics. Trump held rallies across the U.S. talking about the economy, Obamacare, etc., but were there countless articles about his deficiencies on these issues and his lack of solutions to these problems? Was he repeatedly called out for having no real plan or understanding of those problems? No. What we got was tons of time spent on a couple protesters per rally being tossed, anything crude he said, anything to do with “the wall”, etc.

      • Anonymous

        Normally I am very aware of the issue you raise (and I agree with your crappy magician analogy) but I do not think this counts as a “shiny object”. Budget and healthcare are obviously very important, but foreign meddling in domestic elections and potential abuse of power to cover up improper or even illegal actions are dangers to whatever it is that we call democracy. If the president is not held to a high standard of conduct then we may not even need to bother discussing budget and healthcare. I’m not media and I’m not a hard-core liberal and this Russia business seems very off to me.

        • SSS

          I agree that Russia concerns should not be ignored, but there has been an ineffectual “Russia” chant going on since before the election. I don’t even mind some noise now. I just don’t trust the media and Trump haters to avoid getting too transfixed on it even if it doesn’t lead anywhere. The risk is that insufficient resources and attention are paid to building a strong case against his other plans – a case that will actually have some resonance with his supporters.

    • Idontgetit

      “During work hours since all these protesters are unemployed or paid by Soros.”

      (Please note the anticipatory quotation marks).

      • LedroitTigah

        @I don’t get it +100 – that’s exactly the conservative response to a lunchtime protest that I was anticipating lol

  • Truxton Thomas

    Wait, we’re trivializing the response to this firing? Okay. Good luck with that.

    • B

      Thank you, Truxton, and dcdude below. I can be as snarky as the next person – and, I’m not one to hyperventilate over every action by Trump – but his is an extremely troubling event, so the dismissive snark by some folks on here re: this post is pretty sad.

      • Ava16


  • dcdude

    And by Trump to about-face after praising Comey for reopening the investigation just days before the election. Look, the politics of this are irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that the President fired an FBI Director who was actively investigating his close associates. That screams cover-up and abuse of power.

    • dcdude

      Sorry, this was meant as a reply to the first comment above

    • Bryan

      Also, and this could be important down the line, the Alabama governor did this. He was being looked at by the States Attorney General for breaking many laws. When Sessions was named AG, the governor quickly named the Alabama AG as Sessions replacement. And then quickly named a friend to the now vacant AG post. Well, that led to a lot of problems. And needless to say, that Alabama governor is now the former Alabama governor.

      • dcd

        A really good point here.

  • Hstreeter

    “Everything Trump Does is Bad Even if It Was Stuff I argued for 8 Months Ago”: A Children’s Book by Leftie Tribalist

    • Anon

      Do you truly not see the difference in context?

    • kanon

      “Everything Obama Ever Did is Bad Even If It Was Stuff I Campaigned On For Two Years”: A childrens book by Rightie Sellout

    • CathedralHeightsMetro

      “Context 101: An Introduction to This Thing Called Nuance,” by Why Did I Read the Comment Section

      • dcgator

        well done.

      • CTAM


  • lizcolleena

    Anyone heard of any additional protests besides the noon one? Even if it’s futile, I need to do something.


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