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Anyone Know if Choong Man (Seafood & Crab House and Chicken) Opened on H Street Yet?

by Prince Of Petworth May 1, 2017 at 11:30 am 8 Comments

1125 H Street, NE

Thanks to Justin for the update on Choong Man who has taken over the former Khan’s space. I’m also excited to learn that not only will there be Seafood but there will also be Crab. Very good news indeed!!

In all seriousness, anyone know the early word? They’ve gotten some pretty positive reviews on yelp – can anyone confirm? Justin writes:

“They do all the cooking right up front, then there’s a whole fish counter like at a market, and then a sports bar in the back. I tried the traditional method Korean fried chicken and their “snow” onion chicken, both were pretty good but way smaller in size than Kochix and significantly lacking in the crunch department.”

Flashback to the famed Seafood & Crab at 1936 14th Street, NW (what is now Tico, approximately) in 2009:


  • Grant Circle

    I ate there about a week ago during the day. The chicken was good, but nothing too impressive. I went back Friday night at 10:10 pm. I tried to order food, but they said they stopped cooking at 10 pm and stayed open as a bar until 2 am. I’m not sure if they’re trying to be a restaurant or a bar, but they serve pitchers, so there is that.

  • LNontheHill

    Yes. We got some of the chicken to go on Saturday evening. It was very tasty (and the spicy ones had some nice mouth-numbing Korean heat), but I was a little disappointed that the chicken we ordered turned out to be wings (not clear from the menu), though it looks like some of the other menu options might involve other parts of the chicken. Speaking of the bar area, it does look like it’d be a great place to watch the game–the TVs had the Caps game on, and they serve pitchers and, you know, wings. Here’s to hoping they turn the old Mongolian grill rusting on the patio into some sort of really cool table.

    Anyway, it’s a nice option for hot & spicy wings.

  • TriniSoFlo

    Has been open for a couple weeks now. Great chicken. The Hot and Spicy sauce is no joke. Definitely try the tikkudak. Soy Garlic is a great sauce too.

    • MadMax

      Yeah their hot is definitely hotter than Bonchon’s. It fades pretty quickly though. Agree with another poster I was disappointed to see it all wings (and drumettes) versus wings and legs.

  • Anonthony

    For those who have been, how does the chicken compare to Bonchon in terms of crispiness and heat?

    • MadMax

      More spice, comparable crispness. Not as good as Kochix but better than Bonchon IMO. They also have a ton of fresh cooked seafood options.

  • anon

    I only had an average experience at Choongman, but look forward to giving them another chance when the work out some of their kinks. First, I found their prices a little high. I ordered tikkudak which was ~$15. They are doing a BOGO special right now, but when/if that ends, it seems a little expensive for a dozen wings. I also think that they got my order wrong. I seemed to receive an order of the garlic soy and an order of un-sauced wings, neither looking close to the tikkudak I ordered. The Garlic soys were tasty, but the plain wings were just ok. I really enjoy spicy wings, so next time I will just go for the hot and spicy variety. My visit did not overtake my favorite wings on H St which continues to be Crown Fried Chicken although Choongman could offer a change of pace when I want different flavors.

    Also– its going to take me quite a few impressive visits before I order raw oysters, clams or uncooked fresh fish from my neighborhood wing joint.

    • TriniSoFlo

      They have this weird stupid rule that the BOGO order can’t be two of the exact same thing. So if you get the garlic soy, your free order will be plain wings, not sauced. I’ve managed to get around this limitation a couple times – one way is to sit at the bar and order through the bartender, he doesn’t enforce this rule. That, or you have to ask nicely. The tenders are very good as well.


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