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  • IAmNotSpock


  • TriniSoFlo

    Khans was terrible and overpriced. This looks much better. Korean chicken ftw!!!

  • MadMax

    Interesting, not sure I would have even noticed. Khan’s has been deserted for the longest time. They had their “H Street Festival deals” sign up for like 3 years…

  • Sean

    Saw them changing the sign over Sun afternoon around 2pm. They were working on the H St. face and the 12th St. side still said Khan’s, so must have happened pretty quickly. Hadn’t heard any warning or noticed any signs warning of this though (walked right by it on Friday and didn’t notice anything odd).

  • Cherry

    I recall a time when my friends and I had stopped into Khan’s for takeout. Two in my group received their food first and they sat down to eat. Two workers came from the rear of the store and told me friends they couldn’t eat because they had takeout. My friends explained they were waiting for the rest of the groups order and it’s not outside food that was brought in. Khan’s didn’t care and asked my friends to leave. Because of their nasty attitude, I’m so glad Khan’s folded and is gone. Good riddance!

  • Michael Pierce

    Ain’t no man like a Choong Man!


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