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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Had a lovely day off yesterday: sleeping late, getting errands done, and watching 90210.
    Rant: back at work today

  • Rant: Got a bill for some tests I had done at VHC to the tune of $473.
    Rave: When I called them to find out if there was going to be more bills coming like this, she said “Wait, don’t you have insurance?” and I said “Of course” and she said “Cigna?” and I told her yes. She said somehow, the hospital charged one of my tests to my insurance, but this one they did not charge. She’s going to bill them and told me to disregard it. WHEW!

  • Rave: Getting really antsy to head down to New Orleans tomorrow night! I can’t wait to introduce my boyfriend to my family/friends/hometown.
    Rant: Have to make it through work until then; plus boyfriend is sick (he never gets sick!). Hopefully he recovers very quickly.

  • Rant: Went to the DMV this morning for a new license.

    Rave: It went fairly smoothly–from the time I stepped in line to the time I walked out the door, only about 50 minutes. They do a good job of making sure everyone in line has all their documentation, so that no one wastes their own time or that of the clerk doing the initial processing. I felt like the process went fairly smoothly. So if y’all ever have to go get a new license, go first thing in the morning in Georgetown.

    Rant: Losing my last government-official Texas connection. I’m replacing that old expired license with a shiny new DC edition.

    Uh…: If your prior out-of-state license is less than 90 days expired, you don’t have to do ANY sort of test. Y’all, I haven’t operated a motor vehicle since I moved here.

    • I think Rhode island ave has you beat. Went on Saturday, and I was through the line and processed in about 15 mins. As soon as I got my number and sat down, they called me.

    • I was so shocked at how friendly and helpful everyone was at the DMV. I did spend about an hour, all told, on a peak Saturday but it was honestly a pleasant experience. Rhode Island Ave has Georgetown beat, IMO, because if you have to wait there are windows and lots of light rather than the dreary basement.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I have to renew mine before the end of the month. What documentation do I need besides my license. and where is the RI Ave Station?

      • Despite my general frustration with DC government websites, the DMV website has a really helpful documentation checklist for each transaction. If you do not already have a REAL ID license, you do need a fair amount of paperwork. If you have one already, you may be able to renew online. The RI Ave DMV is in the commercial/apartment development right at the Red Line RI Ave station.

    • Tom

      I love the Georgetown DMV.

  • Rant: Work got me like O.o. Home got me like O.o.
    Rant: Didn’t someone else recently receive a bill from WHC for physician services in the ER from a while ago? Yeah, i just got a bill for my ER visit a year and a half ago. Way to have your shit together, WHC. Also, hey Children’s, how about not waiting 3 months to send me bills too? Having worked at both hospitals, with both sets of finance departments, I get it, but it is still frustrating.
    Rave: Middle Anonachild started softball last night. Of all my kids, she was the last I expected to do the whole sports thing, but she is loving that, and watching her love something is pretty awesome. It’s funny how we develop these expectations for our kids (“she’s the arty one, he’s the sports one” – things like that) without realizing it.

    • That would be me! Well, my wife. It was from a year and a half ago as well! They must have just thrown ’em in a pile and forgotten. Who wants to be paid anyway? FWIW, we didn’t have to pay it. Just received an invoice showing the balance zero’d out. Still the worst care we’ve ever received in our lives.

    • HaileUnlikely

      Just out of curiosity, is the bill in question collectible? With my insurer, it would not be. I have had more than one bill zeroed out with no effort at all on my part because the bill was issued later than the cutoff date specified by the insurer such that Cigna would not pay it and the provider was prohibited by their contract with Cigna from billing the patient for it either. In both cases I got bills for $0 and EOBs from Cigna showing “What Plan Paid: $0* What You Owe: $0* with the * leading to a note to the effect of “they submitted the bill too late, so we won’t pay it, but our contract with them prohibits them from billing you either.”)

  • Rant: I have been a horrible mood this week and I feel guilty for it. I have zero patience, and I’m having a hard time prying myself out of bed each morning. It would be great if I didn’t feel like this. (It doesn’t help that the people around me have seemed a little off lately, too. Instead of saying good morning, I got a “Running late?” today when I was 5 minutes late, had just sat down at my computer, and was annoyed because my bus drove by when I was stuck on the other side of the street. Was that necessary?)
    Rant: I have a date scheduled for tonight that I wish I had cancelled, but it’s too late. (I was enthusiastic about it last week… then he wasn’t able to meet until this week.) I need to at least try to not be in an awful mood.
    Rant: My mom and I both have doctors appointments tomorrow (dread) including her biopsy (ugh).

    • I’m with you on the date thing. It can feel like “too much” when you’re already in the midst of a stressful week. However, what I decide to do is tell myself “I’ve given myself two hours off to hang out in a bar/restaurant, maybe have a fun, non-formal convo, and enjoy a cocktail or two.” Essentially, I just decide there’s no pressure, and that this is my time to enjoy myself.

      • This is true…
        However, Late day rave: He cancelled it! Heh.

        • Fortuitous!
          Did he offer to reschedule?

          • He offered to reschedule … for next week So I will likely not be going on that date at all. Meh! (This is why dating is not my thing and hasn’t been my thing for like a year. If you can’t make me a semi-priority then it’s not worth my time. First dates aren’t really a priority thing, but we started talking a week ago so he’s maxed out his time limit for meeting me.)

  • Rant: Fighter jets flying over Capitol Hill yesterday. What would have been a revel (because fighter jets are totally awesome!) under the former administration feels like another step in our slide to autocracy under this one.

    • skj84

      It was the military flyover for the Nats game. It also scared the hell out of me, I was working from home and didn’t realize the jets went over my neighborhood. I literally ran for cover. I figured it out soon after, but was really on edge the rest of the day.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave? Insurance said we owe less than I thought for some recent medical stuff. I’m halfway convinced this is going screw us over somehow.
    RAVE: Going to New Orleans tomorrow, lalala.

  • Rant: it is not my day: woke up with a bloody nose, a notification that someone tried to open a credit card in my name and I thought today was Thursday. I should just go back to be

  • Rave: Workout was tough, butt i didn’t quit, and I held my own with the biggest guy in class.
    Rant: Feeling it this morning.
    Rant: Getting an over due invoice after I paid, and no one answered the phone after 10 mins.
    Mini-rant: Fell off the wagon a little this weekend, but loose pants are still loose.
    Rant: Officemate returns today, and I’ve really enjoyed the silence. She really likes to keep up on every little thing in the news.

  • Rave: Making some plans with my littlest bro – so excited for his visit in a couple days! Now I just have to try to get my second-youngest brother out here for a march – anyone know if there’s any good protests scheduled in the coming months?
    Rant: Missing my bff a lot right now, wishing our lives weren’t so far apart
    Rant: There is some sort of hideous rumbling going on either outside my building or on another floor, and it is driving me freakin’ nuts!
    Rant: I have a pain in my back, sort of between my shoulders, and my immediate assumption is pleurisy. Why does my brain always go to the worst possible conclusion?

  • Rant: Had two different strangers make completely inappropriate statements about my parenting skills within 30 minutes this morning. Thanks person I don’t know but my child is dressed warmly enough for this weather and feeding her formula is perfectly fine as it’s not “poison” as you claim (I don’t have an option on that one due to medical reasons). Why do people think it’s okay to criticize strangers?
    Rave: Wedding anniversary plans have been made. This will be the quietest celebration we’ve had but it’s what we both wanted to do.
    Rave: Medical insurance. That hospital bill from L&D was frightening even with decent insurance. I’d be afraid to see what it would have been with the crappy insurance I had a few years ago.

    • WTF? Complete strangers still comment on what you’re feeding your baby? Ugh. Sorry you had to deal with that. People suck sometimes. I’m less surprised about the clothing comment, but sometimes you just have to ignore the ridiculousness. Unfortunately, parenting is one of those things that all sorts of people feel compelled to comment upon. I’m sure you are doing great 🙂

    • skj84

      I’m sorry about your rant. I don’t know why people can’t be bothered to mind their own business. Especially when it comes to children.

    • I hope you were not at all nice in your reply to the person who made the formula feeding comment. Completely out of line, and he/she deserves a dressing down.

    • I think the unwanted commentary and opinions happen when you’re pregnant and just continue. Screw them.

      My go to responses range from a very Carolyn Hax “Pardon me” to “Until you are paying for daycare and college, I don’t think you get an opinion on how I parent.”

      • I want to add an additional comment: even if you weren’t formula feeding for health reasons, formula feeding is a totally valid choice to make for WHATEVER reason. Fed is best. A sane, centered mother is best; whatever it takes to get there is best.

        • binntp

          +1. Also, how does some complete rando on the street know whether you are the biological parent of the baby anyway and have the ability to breastfeed? (Not that you must if you are; just weird how presumptuous people are)

        • Absolutely. I will confess, Rabbitx3, that when I read “(I don’t have an option on that one due to medical reasons),” my first thought was that you shouldn;t have to justify your decision, and that you feel like you do – that you’re (subconsciously?) unhappy and uncomfortable with formula. I sometimes feel like the “I have to do it for medical reasons!” response is counterproductive – it suggests that formula is OK when medically necessary, but implies that it isn’t in other situations. That’s not the case.

    • Seriously??!! On formula–I’ve responded with a haughty “pardon me, have we been introduced? You don’t look like my child’s pediatrician.” And on clothes…I can’t tell you how many people wanted my six month old to wear socks, shoes and jacket in the middle of July…

    • My son is 2.5 and I still feel like crying when I remember an incident at a baseball game when he was about 6 months old. A lady got upset that I set the diaper bag on the empty seat between us while I pulled the baby out of the carrier. When I told her I planned to move it as soon as I got him out, she said I needed to move it now and added “What kind of mothet brings her baby to a baseballe game?” I was so stunned by the comment that I just stared at her and ultimately told her “A good one.” Almost two years later and I still want to cry when I think about this. I dont know what is wrong with people who feel the need to very unkindly insert themselves into strangers’ parenting choices. Parenting is hard and no one is perfect at it, but it feels even harder when you think everyone around you is judging your choices.

      So sorry OP this happened to you. You are doing a great job and it is no one’s business what you feed your kid or how you dress them.

      • That’s horrible. I’m sorry that woman was such a jerk.

        • wow, what a jerk and completely wrong too. honestly, when my kid was that old, taking him to a Nats game was surprisingly easy. Baby mostly slept (even through the cheering) and any fussing was immediately soothed by milk. Of course, as with any activity, we were fully prepared to leave if the baby wasn’t feeling it and disturbing others. The Nats even have a breast feeding room with comfy chairs and TVs available, if moms want some privacy.

  • Rant: My office is so cold.
    Rave: Warm, sunshine outdoors. At least we have that going for us.
    Rant: Baby Artie up in the middle of the night. Are we ever going to get a consistent sleep schedule? Perhaps inconsistency is the constant.
    Rave: I prepared a lasagna last night. I’m very excited for an easy, cheesy dinner.
    Rant: Trump’s foreign policy

  • Rant: Still not feeling good about the school lottery results. I’m even more disheartened knowing that PK4 is even harder next year.
    Rave: Baseball is back, and we have great seats for tomorrow night’s game. Now to convince my basketball-obsessed kid that baseball games can be just as fun.

    • Which schools did you get in the lottery?

      • We got into our 12th-choice school, which is our in-bound in upper Petworth. Our wait list positions at every other school are 70 and above (well into the 200s or above in some cases), which means that the chances of us getting in anywhere else are basically non-existent.

    • There are more options at PK3/4 than any other age group. I think a lot of people try to get into the same few schools where there are many other great schools that fly under the radar.

      • While I appreciate you implying that we just followed the herd when it came to applying for schools, we did in fact do extensive research and based our lottery picks on a number of factors, including proximity to our house and offices and most importantly, the needs of our kid. We did include some of those so-called “under the radar” schools, and just happened to be one of the ones who were unlucky in the numbers we got. But thanks for telling me what I didn’t do right!

  • DC TAX Question: My wife and I file separately in the US because she is not a US citizen and it’s just easier that way. FOR DC and rental income, do we BOTH have to may the $250 minimum franchise tax? I’m already paying it so when she files her 50% she would have to pay too? Should we file DC jointly?

    • No–only one of you has to pay if only one of you claims the income. That said, you might both have to pay if you split the income between your returns, therefore requiring both of you to file the business tax return. You can also file jointly in DC even while filing separately for federal taxes (at least that was definitely the case when it wasn’t possible for us to file joint federal taxes).

      • We have to claim it 50/50 because she has to claim it in Ontario and Canada. Plus she is required to report it to the US govt! So I don’t think only one of us can claim it unfortunately. Yeah, I think the best thing here is to file jointly in DC, but separate for federal. We did it last year so we can do it. Thanks!

        • The d30 business form is separate from your regular taxes in DC. If you look at the form, you’ll notice filing status and multiple names are not mentioned. You are filing taxes for 1 business, so you pay 1 franchise tax. Whether you file jointly is irrelevant as the business is treated as a separate entity for tax purposes.

          • To clarify, you could use the d30 for multiple businesses and still pay the 1 tax, but in this case whether you both claim it on your individual taxes doesn’t matter.

          • Ahhhh, thank you so much! And I feel like my accountant should know this, but he is the one who said we might both have to pay it. Ridic.

          • I would get a new accountant. The form, on its face, makes the issue pretty clear.
            I’m not clear if you need to split up the expenses 50/50 as well, but the irs usually let’s you decide what’s best for the folks involved, so I’m guessing you could divide them up to get the maximum tax benefit.

          • Yeah, we will next year. We had a really tough time finding someone who could do both Canadian and US taxes for us so we had to split it and use a US accountant and then a Canadian one. Such a pain.

          • I’m sure you’ve tried it, but in case not, I’d ask around her job to see if anyone is in a similar situation.

  • Rant: people unaware of the bags on their backs–I was even getting knocked around by messenger bags on the train this morning.
    Rant: Listening to two staffers discuss the likelihood of a CR getting passed to avert a shutdown. Ugh. Why oh why oh why can’t congress legislate without needing a match under its rear?
    Rave-ish: Told the two gentlemen that this last-minute budgeting strategy is atrocious. At least they agreed with me? But there doesn’t seem to be a path to improving the issue in the long run. Ugh.
    Rave: Both kids were goofy and sweet this morning. And everyone slept last night!

    • Honestly, I don’t understand why if people have a large item on their back, it doesn’t seem to occur to them that they might be taking up more space than usual. If I had a penny for every time a stranger hit me in the face on public transit with their bag, I’d have a lot of pennies.

  • Rave: Survived the Cherry Blossom 5k on Sunday even though I didn’t really start preparing until two weeks before!
    Rant: My younger sister is moving out of my parents’ house and in with her (decently older) boyfriend, and they are renting a 2 bed with den apartment that is nicer than anything I’ve ever lived in. It’s in the suburbs and the rent is pretty low, but…still. I think I’m a bit jealous of the apartment, but I’m also just afraid that she’s skipping a bunch of life steps by moving in with this guy at the age of 23. It’s becoming harder to bite my tongue as their move-in date approaches.

    • Can I ask what you mean by skipping life steps?

      • Just guessing, but renting with roommates, or maybe even living alone instead of moving straight from her parents to boyfriend’s place.. The stages of being your own, dating, spending time with friends, etc.

        • I like living alone and I’m glad I’ve gotten to have lots of life experiences, but to OP – I, personally, think that everyone has their own “life steps.” Your life steps and your sisters might be different, and that’s totally okay and valid.

          • FPVR – that’s what I was thinking. But I agree with FridayGirl, everyone has their own “life steps”. It’s not fair to out your version of that on to someone else. I had a kid when I was his sister’s age, and was married the following year. I have a divorce and three kids under my belt at 35, would it be fair of me to look at other 35 year olds and expect them to have made the same “life steps” as me? My way was right for me, but it’s not right for everyone else, and that goes for everything in life.

        • I think S’s concerns are valid ones. (And as someone who moved in with a partner straight out of college and had a disaster of cohabitation, I would NOT recommend that course of action to someone else.)
          All S can really do at this point is continue biting her tongue and make sure her sister knows she’s available for support if the sister needs it.

    • Would you feel the same of they were getting married?

    • HaileUnlikely

      FWIW I basically agree with the concern that S expressed, but I think “skipping life steps” was a needlessly judgmental way to frame the issue. Most of us probably consider graduating from college a “life step.” Less than half of the U.S. population aged 25-34 has even an associate’s degree.

      • +1. Yeah, you said it better than I did. If I was S I might also be concerned about the sibling, but it would have more to do with the the person she’s dating and how he conducts himself and lives his life than with the sibling’s “life steps.”

        • Yeah, but she didn’t mention issues with the guy. That S seems to have issues with S’s younger sister living in a nicer apartment than S has ever had makes me think S is probably a bit jealous of the cohabitation relationship S has, too. Why should how nice the apartment is bug S? There is something competitive and not normal in S concerns.
          The relationship will work out, or it won’t. They’ll stay together, or move apart. I’m not sure why living with roommates in a crappy city apartment is a life step if that isn’t what you want to do. The sister wants to give the relationship a cohabitational try. If you ask me, that’s a faster way to find out if the relationship is going to work out.
          I’m not writing this as one who supports marriage young at all, and I’ve never lived in a suburb. But S should butt out when it comes to the sister’s life choices.
          Now, if the sister is not leading her own life, but just substituting a boyfriend caretaker for parents, then that’s not an personality trait that can be fixed easily, or by moving to a crappy city apartment with roommates. She is who she is, and she will have to find her own way through life.

    • Wow – OP here. I just looked back on this thread now. I was just trying to get out some frustration that I feel like I can’t express to anyone in my family – I wasn’t really thinking about my choice of words! Super agree that I’m being judgmental about her choices, also agree that I should butt out (and I have/am). I understand that not everyone’s “life steps” are the same, and I also know that only she can make those decisions for herself.
      Quick run-down, sister is 23, boyfriend is 32. He makes a lot more than her (like ~6-7x more) but also makes sure that she pays her share of anything that they do, which has led to some friction between them. From what I have seen and heard (from her), he makes plans for them that cost a decent amount of money and then expects her to pay half. If that arrangement worked for them, I’d say go for it, but it doesn’t work for her financially, she’s just barely making ends meet while living at my parents’ house. Not sure how their rent is being worked out, but that’s their business. She pretty much only hangs out with his friends, who are 30-35, and in my opinion, is skipping the fun, independent part of her 20’s by jumping into the life of someone in their 30’s. I’m not saying that she needs to live in a crappy apartment, be in the city, be single, whatever – these weren’t necessarily my life choices, despite the conclusions that people were jumping to in the comments. I just want her to make choices based on what she wants, and not based on trying to fit into someone else’s life.

  • Has anyone installed a EPDM roof? Or an IB (pvc) roof? I’ve been reading about roofing until my brain hurts.

    • justinbc

      We did a PVC roof through Roof Solutions, comes with a lifetime warranty.

    • You’re going to be fine for decades to come w/ any of the three main options for flat(ish) roofs – EPDM, IB (PVC), or TPO – as long as it installed correctly. I had TPO installed on my row house roof, but based on my researcher IB (PVC) is as as good if not better. Whichever you decide, make sure that they are going to install at least an inch of foam insulation before putting the membrane roof on. It will pay off many times over in the form of reduced heating and cooling bills.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Could really do without the tightening vice grips around my temples. Someone is having fun putting the squeeze on me.

  • justinbc

    Rave: HEELS!!!!
    Rant: That game was so ugly to watch, wtf.

  • Rant: Realizing that being nice is hurting me at this job, at least in some aspects of it. So…time to not be so nice.
    Rave: A friend who texts me silly stories about her boss’s Christian Slater in ‘Heathers’ haircut. Sometimes other people’s bad choices get you through the day.

  • Rantish: Wife and daughter going to a show tonight where they could only get 2 tickets. It’s an elementary school play, so I’m not too disappointed.
    Rave: I’m on my own for dinner, and there’s a decent chance I can cut out a little early, so I’m going to treat myself. I am thinking Little Serow, because it’s a little too spicy for my wife . . . but Bad Saint and Tail Up Goat keep intruding on my thoughts. Any other suggestions to make this admittedly wonderful quandary a little easier – or more difficult?

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