Gonzaga’s Roof “Just got blown off!!”

North Capitol and H Street, NW

Jeff reports at 1:50pm:

“Gonzaga high school’s church roof just got blown off!! Quite the cyclonic wind gust!”

Lori G. also reports:

“Wow, torrential rain in Chinatown, umbrellas turning inside out; detritus flying off rooftops.”

Rachel reports:

“Roof of the church peeled off like a tangerine. We just watched a bunch of this roof (Gonzaga? North Capitol between H and K) peel off in a mini tornado and scatter around the street.”


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  • Wow! These must have been very localized wind events across town judging from all of the pictures of downed trees and damage. I’m not far from Gonzaga, and we had really heavy rain for a few minutes, but no wind gusts like this.

    • I’m in NW DC (Mt. Pleasant). There was a strong wind storm back in (I think) February that similarly peeled our porch roof off. Didn’t affect any of the neighbors, and while there was damage around the city it was very scattered and spotty.

  • So sad, I got married there. The interior is beautiful. There is a gorgeous painting behind the Altar that was done by Constantino Brumidi, he also did The Apotheosis Of Washington in the Capitol Rotunda. I pray there is minimal damage inside. The Diocese closed that Parish a few years ago.

  • Oh, what a shame. The church goes back to 1859 and was restored in the mid-90s. Fortunately the school community is in a good position to be able to come together to repair and restore it again. As noted, there is no longer a local congregation there so they won’t be inconvenienced, but I bet there were a lot of weddings planned there over the next couple months.

  • Damn, hopefully the damage inside wasnt bad

  • “The ceiling was the roof” -Michael Jordan

  • Police now blocking off traffic as far north as L street on North Cap.

    Flying debris flew that far?

  • The building pictured is actually St. Aloysius Catholic Church. It is located next to Gonzaga College High School.