“a large tree branch suddenly fell and narrowly missed hitting me.”


Thanks to a reader for passing on the warning from a local listserv:

“As I was walking home from work today, a large tree branch suddenly fell and narrowly missed hitting me. I called 311 to report the incident. The 311 operator said that she put in a tree removal request. I later received a confirmation e-mail with an estimate that D-Dot would remove the tree on or around December 22. That seems like quite a ways off, as the tree strikes me as a public safety risk. So, I sent at e-mail to Charles Allen to see if he can expedite things, or at least have the tree looked at.

In the meantime, if you would like to avoid this tree, it is at the corner of Maryland and 8th Street, close to Kenny’s BBQ. I won’t be walking under the tree again anytime soon.”

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  • Scary! I don’t normally wear a helmet while walking.

  • Glad you are OK, OP. Weird on the timing of the tree inspection/removal. I called 311 a few years ago to report dangerous broken limbs on the trees on the UDC campus and they had a truck out the next day inspecting and trimming. Maybe it was because the limb hadn’t fallen yet.

  • Be extra careful walking/driving when there is heavy rain; branches become sodden and heavy, and fall easily. You can ask DC to trim branches that appear risky.

  • OP, I’m glad you’re okay but…this has got to be the most dramatic post I’ve seen in a while. It’s likely the tree had a dead branch, that’s all, carry on.

    • +1. It’s certainly worthy of inspection, but a falling branch does not necessarily necessitate removal. But, it is scary when that happens – happened to me while I was out backcountry hiking the CA redwoods, by myself. Glad you’re okay.

  • This is almost the literal PoPville post that I predicted during the great “I can’t believe the city is cutting down healthy trees” Post. Kudos, Popville commentator.

  • justinbc

    Is there a way to find out which trees are slated for removal by the city? There’s one near my house marked with a giant orange dot/X, which I assume means it’s about to be removed, but I would like to know the date.

    • From my experience, anywhere between now and 9 months from now. The city will post no parking signs when they are about to cut a tree, but they will usually miss the time frame 3-4 times. It can be amusing and/or frustrating, depending on where they are in relation to your house.

  • Thanks for the heads up

  • This tree was hit by a car recently, which probably hasn’t helped its overall health. There’s a chunk out of it, plus the shredded car parts laying around it yet. The parking and street sweeping sign post was snapped off at the base by the car and is laying there too. You can see what’s left of the sign post and some of the pieces in the pic. Perhaps that could help expedite the process? (I only know this because my car was parked there and somehow escaped any damage at all-still don’t know how.)

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