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ANXO applying for Summer Garden on Kennedy Street

by Prince Of Petworth April 9, 2017 at 10:22 pm 26 Comments

anxo kennedy
711 Kennedy Street, NW

The liquor license placard says:

“Applicant requests a Summer Garden Endorsement with 10 seats.”

Nice! Previously we learned:

“The 1,300 square foot Cidery and Tasting Room at 711 Kennedy Street NW will be the center of all ANXO cider production upon opening. The tasting room includes a bar that seats 30, and will function as a neighborhood bar three days a week. In addition, we look forward to hosting events that celebrate cider and DC’s growing community.”

Standby for an opening date.

  • Michael Pierce

    This is going to be nice, after they open in 2023.

    • anon

      They’re opening in just a few weeks. All things considered, they’ve moved things along pretty quickly, especially compared to other delayed or scuttled projects on the street.

      • Michael Pierce

        I really hope so. Kennedy Street really could use a kick in the pants to get a little bit of development moving along.

    • Anon

      Just a few weeks away and any delay would not be the fault of a business it would be on DCRA

  • lalaru

    How is ANXO pronounced? Anybody know?

    • I think it’s AN-CHO

      • lalaru

        Thanks! That was my best guess, but since it’s always in all caps, I was wondering if maybe it’s always spelled out (like an acronym).

      • anon


        • annnonnn

          Gesundheit !

  • anon

    I know it’s been a quasi-meme on Popville for a few years now, but I really do think that ANXO’s opening signals a real turning point on Kennedy Street. Because it’s kind of far from a metro I don’t think we’re going to see a Barracks Row or Upshur Street type explosion, but there’s just so much steady residential and retail investment that you can feel things are turning around.

    • samanda_bynes

      between that and the serious progress made for the bar on 3rd and Kennedy, it could be all up from there! also, random, but it appears that both the printing shop and Twin Dragon on 3rd and Kennedy are getting touch-ups as well.

      • Boom

        I noticed the touch-ups as well…the academy between Twin Dragon and the cleaners is also in the mix. Maybe these were funds from the Street improvement grant? Speaking of the “printing” shop, hopefully they cash in on the improvement and sell. Seems like a clear-cut front business.

        • samanda_bynes

          yeah it’d be nice to have something else there, but i’m not sure what. another place to grab a bite wouldn’t be bad at all.

    • anon

      Could use a new restaurant at the Swampoodle location to anchor the west end of the street.

      • aa

        I don’t think they have enough traffic there to make a restaurant succeed. And having tried Swampoodle, it wasn’t going to make it happen no matter what.

    • anonon

      The sidewalks also look great, plus the new ramps to get up to businesses are extremely helpful. Hopefully they replace the 2×4 rails with permanent rails soon. I’ve seen some rehabbing of the corner store at 7th and Kennedy and was hoping something other than another corner store would make its way there, but apparently it’s another corner store. Not sure how all of these corner stores stay in business since there are so many on Kennedy Street.

  • AnoN

    Great news! As a newbie to the Northern Petworth / Brightwood Park area, I can’t wait for this to open. We’re near the Kennedy Street corridor but nothing currently draws us that way, other than to support Culture Coffee every now and then. I hope this starts a new ‘boom’ for the area and some other new bars / restaurants open up within walking distance.

    Any other things nears 7th and Kennedy worth noting we haven’t checked out yet? We typically walk south towards the Upshur area and near the metro.

    Overall, awesome update and thanks for sharing!

    • Fogwalkerwithabag

      Check out Andrene’s at 3rd for sure.

      • samanda_bynes

        Uhhh…what’s that Salvadoran joint called? it’s got the wooden old school front, kinda like a saloon. they have happy hour until like 10pm (cheap beers, cheaper papusas)

        • anonon

          Centeno? I’ve never checked it out before. Also — Tacqueria Distrito Federal is delicious, Tony’s for a cheap and easy greasy spoon, and SalvaMex ALWAYS has perfectly ripe avocados.

          • samanda_bynes

            i think you’re right….and yeah tony’s is top tier for sure and SalvaMex has an oddly complete grocery setup, especially for last minute spice runs.

          • Anon

            TDF has good Mexican?! Awesome. Good to know. And Tony’s we’ve never even noticed. Absolutely judging both books by their cover I guess… we would’ve never stopped in either without recommendation.

            What’s good at Tony’s? Looked like another corner store from the street!

    • jim_ed

      TropiMart is a surprisngly well stocked full service grocery. Good produce and meat for in between trips to the bigger supermarkets and TDF has good tacos and secretly the best pupusas in town.

  • bretworth

    fantastic. i am committed to throwing a ton of my discretionary funds to patronizing ANXO and Library Tavern in exchange for tasty things and stuff. also, happy to see that culture coffee is doing well enough to open up another spot down the road on Riggs. Kennedy Street… where dreams come to thrive (or to buy a dime).

  • deejay

    Yes! We are so excited for this. We live just a few blocks away and will definitely be visiting ANXO!

  • AL

    I REALLY HOPE THE OUTDOOR SEATING IS DOG FRIENDLY! That would be amazing. Also yes, Swampoodle food was not great, and the service left a lot to be desired (i.e. service) BUT I miss it.


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