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Zenebech Injera “thinking of opening in Adams Morgan and would love to get your thoughts!”

by Prince Of Petworth March 31, 2017 at 9:30 am 62 Comments

608 T Street, NW

Uh hell yes!!! Huge potential news from Zenebech:

“Hey everyone! We are thinking of opening in Adams Morgan and would love to get your thoughts!”

Zenebech Injera closed back in October to make room for a big new development coming next to the Howard Theatre. Looks like Shaw’s loss will be Adams Morgan gain! Hope they find a good space in Adams Morgan.

There has been an Ethiopian resurgence in Adams Morgan, while Meskerem closed, Quara and Ababa have opened and Adams Morgan Restaurant and Cafe added Ethiopian dishes. Nevertheless I believe a Zenebech revival here would a huge addition to the 18th Street strip.

  • Ponta

    YES!!!! That would be amazing!!

  • bean

    YESSSS! Was just thinking last night about how much I missed this place. Please come to Admo or Mount Pleasant!

  • Anon. no. 5

    For selfish reasons I hope they stay in Shaw or nearby so I can walk and get take out. But I wish them success wherever they open. They were delicious.

  • Anon

    Nooooooo! Come to North Capitol / FL instead! Cheaper rents there, and you have all the captive NoMa folks!

    • Eckingtonian

      +1 to this!!! We don’t have any Ethiopian of your caliber in the vicinity (unlike Adams Morgan). But I also echo the calls to COME BACK wherever you must!

    • ADub

      YES! Come too North Cap or Bloomingdale or Truxton. My family would eat there at least once a week.

      • Bloomingdale

        Agreed! Please come back to Shaw/Bloomingdale/Ledroit!!!!! <3

        • Elliot Seibert

          YES!!! Agreed, please come back to the Shaw/Ledroit/Bloomingdale area. We miss you!

  • Scott Goldstein


  • dcgator


  • Deb

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes oh-please-yes yes yes

  • Yes. Maybe it will help Keren be less crowded.

    • d

      +1. I remember when Keren first switched ownership. I stopped in and thought it was some of the best Ethiopian/Eritrean food I’d ever had and the owner/chef was so nice. We were the only people in there that night and I remember hoping that they would attract enough business just to stay open. Now it’s absolutely packed almost every night. If Zenebech is as good as everyone says, I think it will do well in AdMo.

  • NE DC Res

    YES!! COME BACK!!!

    H St NE/Hill East though??? Please??? :)

    • H St

      I love Zenebach as much as the next girl, but you should definitely try Addis at 7th and H. Their food is fabulous and the restaurant is big enough that you can actually get a table if you want to dine in!

  • Admo neighbor

    Yes yes yes please yes

  • MtPleasantville


  • MadMax

    My thoughts are wherever they open I will be there, it’s the best Ethiopian I’ve had in the city and where I always took out of towners who wanted to really experience the cuisine. And since there are no good Ethiopian spots in the vicinity of Barrack’s Row / Eastern Market then I highly recommend you bail on the Adams Morgan idea and come there instead! :)

  • Injera4Eva

    OH MY GOODNESS YESSSSS!!! I am a loyal Zenebech lover who lives in Adams Morgan and I would be thrilled if they moved to the ‘hood (and about 10 lbs heavier)!

  • Petworth

    Please, please, come to Petworth instead! We have a few Ethiopian places, but not as many or as good as in Adams Morgan and in Shaw, and we would love to have you here!

  • Denise

    YES, please come to Adams Morgan! We were regulars, and even had out of town guests who would request your restaurant by name! If you come to Adams Morgan, we will definitely come often.

  • Sam

    Yes please! I will follow Zenebech anywhere.

  • Mary

    Yes Please!

  • I Love Zenebech

    I think staying in Shaw would be better for you since we all miss you very much, and you have a loyal following here that would flock back! But Adam Morgan is better than nothing!

  • laura

    Yes, please! You can count me as a customer.

  • PetworthPanda

    Petworth would love to have you!

  • minimalist

    Yes, yes, yes! I would actually go anywhere in the city for Zenebech.

  • Stacey

    I would go anywhere in DC to eat at Zenebech. I know many others that would as well. Go somewhere where the rent is affordable and we will come to you.

  • Mark

    Just come back please!

  • Adams Morgan resident

    Yes please!!! I’ll definitely come often if you’re on 18th.

  • Arouet

    Absolutely. I’d be there.

  • hungeegirl

    Come to Cap Hill/H ST NE!!!!

  • ftoast

    I’ll add to the chorus of folks saying please open in Petworth! But who am I kidding, I’d go almost anywhere in DC to eat at Zenebech again…

  • Lspok

    Come to Petworth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AdmoDan


  • InjeraLover

    Come to Petworth/Columbia Heights! There’s some vacant storefronts on 14th Street between Spring and Shepherd Streets just dying to have some wonderful Ethiopian foods bring even more amazing food to the area! The rent has got to be cheaper than AdMo!

    • ftoast

      + many

      Would be a great addition to the already blossoming restaurant scene in lower Petworth: on upper 14th near Quincy, or on Upshur, or even in the strip on 11th in NE Columbia Heights. Get in while the gettin’s good!

  • Cava Pony


  • Lindsay


  • Sarah

    Yes, please. AdMo, or really anywhere else in the city. We miss you!

  • BE


  • anon admo


    There’s really nothing else I have to say

  • Scott

    Uhhhhh hell yes. They just need to open somewhere. Anywhere. And I’ll be there.

  • admo res


  • david brody

    We learned to eat great Ethiopian food at Zenebech. Our kids live there and we demanded it every time we visited. Outstanding, fresh, and friendly. We wish you good fortunes and hope to see you again.

  • Gte107u

    Please come to NoMa/H Street!! We love your place and you would be an amazing addition to our diverse neighborhood.

  • ShawMaMa

    Please please please stay in Shaw!

  • E


  • AJB


  • Welshi

    Yessss!! I’d go wherever for it, but I would go more often if it was around my neighborhood!

  • Robert

    Yes, please open again!!

  • MJ

    Yes, yes, yes! This would be amazing!

  • MJ

    Yes, yes, yes! I would follow zenebach anywhere, but I think admit is a great idea!

  • RS

    Yes, yes, yes!

  • Amy

    Will Shaw folks want to go to Adams Morgan? Seems like they would have to develop a new customer base. Columbia Heights or Georgia Ave might be better. Either way wish them well; Zenebech was my favorite restaurant. In the world.

    • Based on here, Facebook and Twitter – fans will follow them wherever they choose to go (including Adams Morgan) or so they say anyway…

  • Boris

    Please DO! Zenebech was my first Ethiopian Cuisine experience and to this day have never found an equal contender. DC will be a better place with the reopening of Zenebech Injera.


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