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  • Sarah

    I saw the woman who lives there crying outside. I felt so awful for her! If anyone knows how to connect her with clothes or other essentials can you please let me know?

    • Neighbor

      Do you have her contact info? I live a block away and could try to help.

      • Sarah

        Same here- live very close but don’t know her…

        • Sarah

          Was just wondering if the Red Cross was the right place to go?

          • Anon

            I honestly don’t know – but I’d hope that the firefighters would be able to advise? I think DC should have some sort of assistance program.

          • Tall E

            Yes, Red Cross is the org that helps people after a fire.

          • Truxton K

            DCFD is working to help with overnight accommodations. There is a listserv for 4th st that many neighbors are on, including some who go to her church and are working with them as well. I’d recommend talking to them to help. If you aren’t on the listserv you might pop over to the 1600 block and ask a few folks. Red Cross was on scene within 90 minutes — pretty amazing.

            If you are nearby and can babysit a few dogs or a cat, I imagine they will have a hard time bringing animals to a hotel and that little bit of security for family would probably mean a lot.


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