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Glover Park/Georgetown Whole Foods “Temporarily Closed” Since Monday

by Prince Of Petworth March 16, 2017 at 9:30 am 15 Comments

Whole Foods
Photo by Jamie Fuller

Jamie writes:

“what is happening at Glover park whole foods!? Are we getting a beer mecca like H st??”

About a month ago the Glover Park Whole Foods briefly closed after being cited for food safety violations by the Department of Health. Other readers have reported the store has been closed since Monday. And as of this morning, Jamie updates us “still closed”

I’ve emailed Whole Foods for an update. Stay tuned.

whole foods glover park
2323 Wisconsin Ave, NW

  • Charles Brown


    It’s closed for rodents.

    So I guess it’s a mecca for someone (or thing).

    • Ben

      Call in the blue collar cats!

      • textdoc

        Heh! Very timely. 🙂

  • andy2

    The listserv says rats/vermin.

  • Ben

    They probably just took all the staff over to H st for the opening.

  • Sarah

    There was a bunch of drama on the GP listserv on the snow day. Apparently someone called and the manager told them that they were closed because they were concerned about the workers’ safety commuting due to the snow. Then, another person called and the manager said they were open when they were in fact still closed– someone’s husband trudged through the snow after that announcement only to find the doors still shuttered.

    • FridayGirl

      That’s crappy.
      But on a brighter note, I always thought the GP listserv was great. I don’t live there anymore but part of me wants to get back on it just for stuff like this.

  • James W.

    A “beer mecca” – pretty sure there’s not much beer in mecca

    • andy2

      Yeah…Beer Heaven, Beer Destination, Beertopia…
      Driven near Mecca and can assert there is no beer.

  • Glover Park

    It’s all papered up, and the news last night said that it was closed due to a severe rat infestation.

    • Michael Pierce

      Welp, I’m done shopping there forever. If they’ve allowed pest problems to grow that severe, it’s hard to tell what other sanitation issues have been neglected. That store’s been on a downhill slide for years, anyway.

      • anon

        Yeah — this is a recurrence of something that got them shut down a few months ago. They can’t unscramble that egg.

        I’d place that WF location in a similar category as Chipotle. I used to go semi-regularly and haven’t touched since their contamination issues. It seems like forever ago.

  • Macomb


  • lm

    they posted on the @wholefoodsdc instagram this afternoon that they are closed for “remodeling” yet didn’t give any details on what sort of remodel and for how long…

  • maia tabet

    I’m not surprised they got a citation. I’ve always thought the place was really dirty — the parking lot and where they store lots of bottled drinks, as well as Xmas trees, etc. was filthy, as were many of the so-called recycling bins. The store manager clearly never expected anyone to wipe down trash cans or clean out-of-obvious-sight
    corners. There would be nuts and beans all over the floor and on the shelves of the bulk-bins, and the microwave was disgustingly dirty. All of these things point to a lack of systematic and regular cleaning. I don’t blame the employees but the management — either for not having enough personpower or for not having a strict and frequent cleaning schedule. I dread to think what “the back” was like. I once worked at one of the chain’s stores and got into trouble my first week for responding honestly when I was asked how I was finding my new job. Part of my response was that I found the tolerance for dirtiness distressing.


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